Emmerdales Faith cancer death fears, Meena targets Jacob and special guest

It's rarely ever a quiet week in Emmerdale and judging from the latest news from Emmerdale spoilers, next week is no exception.

Faith Dingle is set to have a turbulent few days in the village, as her health takes a turn for the worse. But as her worries continue to grow, will she have the courage to express her problems with her family?

Meanwhile, Meena Jutla's frustration with Jacob Gallagher continues to grow, as she fears that he may be getting in the way of her future plans with boyfriend David Metcalfe.

There's also an unexpected visitor that will make a guest appearance to kick start the Pride celebrations in the village.

Faith's cancer death fears

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Faith Dingle is unfortunately going through another health scare as she fears her cancer may have returned.

The mother-of-two was previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and later underwent a double mastectomy.

But her surgery wasn't smooth sailing at all, as Faith suffered a cardiac arrest while on the operating table.

Trying their best to save her life, the surgeons managed to resuscitate Faith, but they couldn't put in the breast implants at that time.

Due to the fact that she faced such an agonising ordeal in the past, Faith is understandably worried about her health at the moment.

After she suffers a slight fall in the village, her children Cain and Chas are convinced that she is drunk -unaware that things are much more serious.

As her worries continues to grow, Faith decides visits Manpreet who eventually convinces her to get some tests done.

Later on, while talking to Eric Pollard, he notices that something isn't quite right with Faith but she decides not to express her health concerns with him.

But despite not saying anything, Faith unexpectedly collapses to the floor and is in need of urgent medical attention.

Manpreet arranges an emergency MRI for Faith and she is taken to the hospital. Eric also accompanies her and continues to look out for her while she is on the ward.

Later on, Faith tells Eric about her cancer worries but then tells him to leave her to it, which he does reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Brenda Walker has concerns of her own, as she believes Eric is not spending enough time with her.

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Addressing her concerns with David and his girlfriend Meena, Brenda believes it's best if she arranges a romantic dinner for Eric on his return.

The following day when Faith is out of hospital, she catches up with Eric and he convinces her to spend a night at the barn.

While Faith is at Eric's home, Brenda walks in and is surprised to see Faith wearing Eric's robe.

Annoyed, Brenda storms out and doesn't allow Faith to explain herself. Chas also finds out about Faith in Eric's home but is still unaware of her mother's condition.

As things begin to boil over, Faith begs Eric not to tell anyone including her family about her health concerns until she receives her results back.

But Will Eric keep quiet?

Meena targets Jacob

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Pushy Meena has been eager to move in with her boyfriend David for quite some time now, but fears Jacob could be ruining her plans.

David previously told Meena that he wants to look out for Jacob and may not want to move in straight away as originally planned.

As her frustration continues to grow towards Jacob, Meena decides to take matters into her own hands.

Pride is set to be celebrated in the Dales, so Meena decides to steal the Pride collection tin and paint Jacob as the culprit.

Even though she it had all figured out, Meena's evil plans backfires when David cancels their dinner date and tells her that Jacob needs him.

But Meena's scheming ways continues, when she catches wind of Leanna's potential travel arrangements.

Trying her best to get Jacob out of the way, Meena thinks it might be a good idea to convince him to go travelling with Leanna too.

Special guest

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Residents are getting ready to celebrate the month of Pride in the Dales thanks to Andrea Tate's best efforts.

Discussing the event with vicar Charles Anderson, Andrea lets him know that she also has a special guest booked to kick off the event.

Later on, Charles' son Ethan makes an eloquent speech which was a message of acceptance for all on behalf of Emmerdale Pride and the church.

He then welcomes the special guest to the stage, who is no other than Ru Paul's Drag Race winner, The Vivienne.

The Vivienne then proceeds to open Emmerdale’s first Pride in all her glamour and glory.

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