'General Hospital': Dominic Zamprogna Revealed His Wife Cried While Watching a Recent Scene on the Show

Soap operas like General Hospital are known for having extremely absurd plot lines that are far removed from real life. However, these shows often manage to captivate viewers with touching scenes as well.

Actor Dominic Zamprogna, who plays Dante Falconeri on General Hospital recently found himself in an emotional-filled scene. In fact, the scene in question was so touching that Zamprogna’s wife reportedly cried while watching it.

Dominic Zamprogna recently returned to ‘General Hospital’

Zamprogna joined the cast of General Hospital in 2009, and after almost 10 years on the show, he decided to take a break from filming in 2018. He returned for a bit in 2019 before leaving again.

Zamprogna decided to return to the show in 2020, and fans got to see him again after General Hospital returned to TV in August.

As Zamprogna has shared before, he wanted to take a break from General Hospital because of his desire to act in different roles. However, he later revealed he missed the cast and crew while away, and it was a part of the reason he decided to come back to the show.

He told Michael Fairman TV in June 2020, “Since last September, I started feeling like, ‘I kind of miss my buddies.’ I miss my family over there, and I miss the day-to-day of what GH was to me… I miss Maurice (Benard), I miss Lisa (LoCicero), I miss Chad (Duell), and I miss the crew.  I get emotional thinking about the crew because they were all buddies of mine.”

What happened on a recent scene with Dominic Zaprogna?

Before Zamprogna left General Hospital in 2019, his character began showing symptoms of PTSD. As a result, he decided to get away from Port Charles.

When Dante was seen again in 2020, he was in Switzerland, where he is still getting treatment for PTSD at a private mental health facility. However, his location has been kept a secret from the other main characters on the show.

Recently, Dante’s mother, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), got an opportunity to visit him. She flew to Switzerland only for Dante to tell her he did not feel ready to see her. Dante remained in his room and the two of them talked through a door, with Olivia crying and begging her son to let her see him after they had been apart for so long.

In the end, Dante did not open his door and Olivia left without meeting her son face to face.

Dominic Zamprogna’s wife reportedly cried during the scene with Lisa LoCicero

The scene between Dante and Olivia at the facility was a touching one that showcased a mother’s love for her child. It is not surprising, then, that many viewers were touched by it, including Zamprogna’s wife, Linda.

Several hours after the episode aired on Sept. 8, Zamprogna took to Twitter to talk about the emotional scene. He wrote, “I just wanna tell @lisalocicerogh the Z’s just watched this and we’re collectively blown away by you. Also you made Linda cry.”

It is still unknown when Dante will return to Port Charles again, but given how many loved ones are still waiting for him, we have no doubt there will be more tearful moments to come.

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