GMB beauty Susanna Reid celebrates as she’s told she has ‘world’s best bum’

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid, 49, and weather girl Laura Tobin were left very happy today as a mathematical theory found that they had the perfect proportions for a derriere.

Joining the likes of Amanda Holden and Kim Kardashian, Susanna admitted she was very pleased when she found the results of the theory, especially after feeling the effects of lockdown.

Her co-star Piers Morgan said: "Amanda Holden and Susanna Reid have the world's best bums and beat Kim Kardashian's peachy posterior, according to the golden ratio. They have been found to have the perfect golden ratio for posteriors.

"Dr Riccardo Frati […] he's been analysing the bottoms of leading celebrities. Michelle Keegan and Laura Tobin also scored highly on the theory. It's a system developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection."

List some of the other celebs on the list, Piers then said: "All of them have come below Reid and Tobin, but the one I feel sorry in all of this is [Charlotte] Hawkins, who hasn't got a look in.

"Nor has the pandemic pinup [Dr Hilary], you would have thought that his posterior -"

Dr Hilary then said: "As a doctor, I do feel like this finding should be peer reviewed and a second opinion required."

Susanna chipped in: "That's not in the least bit sleazy, is it, Dr H?"

Piers then asked her: "Do you feel flattered, do you feel complimented, do you feel horrified, do you feel objectified?"

Susanna replied: "I feel like that was definitely a study done before lockdown," as Piers mocked her celebration as she was told the results.

She added: "Best bum in the world? I'm not complaining! That's fantastic.

"Post lockdown, I would say my proportions are less 3 2 3, and more 6 5 6."

Piers jumped in to reply: "Mine are like 10 9 18."

According to Dr Frati, the mathematics of beauty – the perfect ratio for the bottom to the waist and chest should be 3 2 3, and upper hip to lower hip is 6 4.

The conversation then turned over to Dr Hilary Jones, who was giving the latest health updates about the vaccine's first day being given to the public, as a throwback picture was shown.

As a throwback picture of Dr Hilary relaxing on the beach came on the screen to show his own behind, Piers joked that he could tell that he was sucking in stomach in, saying he looked like he was "in agony".

GMB continues tomorrow at 6am on ITV.

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