Godzilla vs Kong director reveals secret behind deleted post-credits scene as monster movie gets rave reviews

GODZILLA vs Kong's director has revealed the secret behind a deleted post-credits scene as the monster movie gets rave reviews.

The epic new film was released today in cinemas in the US and on HBO Max and sees the two iconic monsters clash.

*Some spoilers ahead for Godzilla vs Kong*

However fans will get no clue after what happens after the epic showdown as director Adam Wingard has revealed a post-credits scene was removed and placed within the film instead.

He told SYFY WIRE: "We actually shot a post-credits scene but then we ended up using it in the movie."

While he remained tight-lipped on which scene was supposed to be the post-credits scene he said it was: "one of those things where we shot it as one idea, and we got into editorial and realized 'we need a moment at a certain point in the movie'.

"[So] we ended up taking that footage and using it in a different context in the movie and it really, really worked for us."

Both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters had post-credits scenes, and Adam explained that was because they had something to tease.

However, the same can't currently be said for Godzilla vs Kong, as he added: "I think it's 100 percent the right choice [not to have a post-credits scene] because this is the crossroads for the Monsterverse."

Legendary is the studio behind said Monsterverse, and it has yet to confirm or announce any further movies in the franchise.

Adam continued: "Audiences have to vote if they want to see more of these or not. If people show up and like the movie, then there will be more.

"I think it's better not to box ourselves into any corners, because ultimately, going forward, these movies need to be calibrated by what people like about the films.

"Not in a tired studio kind of way, but in a realistic, grounded 'what are people responding to? What are they responding to?' [kind of way]."

Godzilla vs Kong is out in theatres in the US now and on HBO Max.

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