Gogglebox star Shaun Malone announces birth of son

Gogglebox star Shaun Malone has announced the birth of his son.

Shaun, who is part of the Malone family on the Channel 4 show, shared the amazing news with his followers on Wednesday.

Taking to Twitter Shaun said: ‘Super happy to announce the birth of my son Louis Malone.’

Gogglebox fans quickly responded to the happy news – including his dad Tom Malone Snr.

‘Well done son,’ his dad simply responded.

One fan tweeted: ‘Congratulations to you and the new mummy exciting news.’

Another said: ‘Aww congratulations to you all. Lovely news. He is born into a lovely family.’

Shaun hasn’t shared any snaps of the cute bundle of joy just yet – but we can’t to see him!

Earlier this month Shaun explained to fans why he had been absent from series 15 – and it was for a very good reason.

Speaking about not being on the show he said: ‘I have been missing because my missus is pregnant so I moved in with her while this was going on.’

‘And you can’t go between households so I haven’t been able to go into my mum and dad’s house to do it,’ he continued on the Coaching From The Sofa podcast.

Celebrity Gogglebox returns on Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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