Harry Enfield 'splits from wife of 23 years and leaves family home'

Harry Enfield has reportedly split from his wife of 23 years and left their family home.

The 59-year-old comedian has been married to 57-year-old fashion designer Lucy Lyster since 1997, although according to reports he has called time on their marriage.

According to the Daily Mail, the TV star has moved out of the family home in Notting Hill, although it is unclear when the split took place.

It is understood that Harry has called upon a friend for support, while his wife is said to be ‘distraught’.

A friend of the couple said of their split: ‘It’s very sad, but Harry is living elsewhere..’

‘He’s being comforted by a female friend. Lucy’s heartbroken,’ they added to the publication.

The couple share three children together, 23-year-old Archie, 21-year-old Poppy and 17-year-old Nell.

In the past, Harry has openly spoken about how his wife and childen are unaffected by his fame.

‘She had no interest in my comedy and she’s passed that on to our children,’ he explained.

‘I got bored of famous me very quickly … I don’t do fame ’cause I don’t do interviews. I don’t do it because I don’t really like talking about my own life very much, in public,’ he added during BBC Radio 3’s Private Passions.

Metro.co.uk has reached out to Harry Enfield’s rep for comment.

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