Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield discover why viral parrot is named Chanel

This Morning played host to a viral sensation today, as it welcomed Sandra, who became an internet star overnight after losing her parrot, Chanel.

After the bird (which is an African grey, in case you didn’t know) flew away, Sandra issued a call to arms on social media, which quickly went viral after she recorded herself screaming Chanel’s name down her street in broad daylight in an attempt to hunt her down.

Following her ordeal, Sandra popped up on This Morning to speak to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her new found fame.

More than anything, though, Holly and Phil (like the rest of us) wanted to know just why the parrot is called Chanel.

‘Because me dog’s Coco,’ Sandra revealed, which made Holly and Phil positively keel over.

We mean, now that you say it, it just sounds obvious, right?

‘All my mates were messaging me [saying] “you’ve gone famous!”‘ Sandra explained. ‘All of us were in stitches until 4am watching [the videos.]

And just in case you were wondering, Chanel wasn’t actually found down by the canal, she was just ‘knocking on someone’s window saying “hello! hello! hello!”‘

Tbh, it just keeps getting more and more iconic.

The odyssey of Chanel the African grey has well and truly taken the internet by storm – even Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix got involved, posting a video of her dancing along to the original clip on TikTok.

Everyone scream along with us, now: ‘Chaneeeeeeeeel!’

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