Holly Willoughby: How Celebrity Juice star stunned Keith Lemon with epic innuendo

Holly Willoughby has been a regular fixture of British television for more than a decade after fronting a number of popular ITV shows. She made a name for herself on the ‘This Morning’ sofa back in 2009, alongside her long-standing presenter partner and friend Phillip Schofield. Holly went on to further fame captaining a team on ITV2’s hit panel game show ‘Celebrity Juice’, hosted by comic Keith Lemon. But on Sunday, Holly revealed she was leaving the show after “12 years of fantastic chaos” in a touching Instagram post. She praised Keith and her former co-star Fearne Cotton, who left two years ago because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and “feel scared again”. Holly explained that it “never felt like work” and was more “like a night out” on the show, where she became a fan favourite and was prone to a series of hilarious gaffes. One hilarious innuendo unintentionally spouted by the star occurred while interviewing Keith and comedian Paddy McGuinness on ‘This Morning’.

Holly lamented the good times she had and would miss out on in future episodes of Celebrity Juice yesterday, where she stated: “We really do have the best time”.

She revealed it was time to “hand over” her team captain role to another “lucky, lucky person” after 12 years on the popular ITV2 show. 

The presenter wrote: “Whoever that is, know you are about to get one of the best jobs in telly working with one of comedy’s finest.”

Holly revealed that the trio’s friendship was at “the heart of” the show, declaring “I love the bones of you Lemon” and hinted that it may not be the last time Celebrity Juice fans see her.

She added: “I’ll be back as a guest and just to make sure someone is keeping you in check. 

“If I don’t see you through a week or next week or the week after… know you are always in my heart.”

The star was a popular member of the comedy quiz show’s line-up and was cheekily nicknamed “Holly Willough-booby” on multiple occasions by Keith Lemon.

During her time on air, she made a number of unintentional innuendos – a hilarious quirk of her personality that has regularly manifested itself throughout her years in television.

One notable quip happened during ‘This Morning’ when she questioned Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon about an upcoming project in 2017.

The innocent remark came out completely wrong, as Holly tried to ask more about their joint “passion project” and whether it was a “dream come true”.

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Holly said: “You say this seed was sown back when you were doing Comic Relief and you were dressed up as the characters [from ‘Dirty Dancing’].

“But this actual seed was sown in your bedroom.”

The double entendre caught the attention of Paddy and Keith, who immediately smirked and Phillip gave a shocked expression to the camera. 

Their amusing reactions, prompted Holly to recognise what she had said, leading her to flicker between hysterical laughter and stunned silence. 

Paddy quipped: “I beg your pardon. Hang on a minute, you’ve just been eating salty worms, you’re on about seeds in bedrooms. What has happened to this show?”

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This was quickly followed by Keith, who added: “Yes, I was planting seeds in my bedroom when I was a child thinking about Paddy McGuinness.”

In another witty return, the his co-comedian joked about a segment earlier in the show, where Holly was forced to eat bugs and consume alcohol.

Paddy said: “It’s the Margarita. Stop getting Holly drunk in the morning!”

Holly, who appeared mortified, covered her hands with her face as she continued to giggle before she attempted to clarify her point. 

She said: “What I was saying, was that this has been a real passion project for you and a dream come true.”

While her comment only evoked more laughter from the cast, soon enough the interview was back on track. 

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