Home and Away spoilers: Justins fate sealed, Mack returns and Xander struggles

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    Home and Away's Rose focuses on supporting Xander's recovery following her break-up with Mali.

    After being revived from sedation, Xander recalls the horrible news of his partner Jamie’s death and he is crushed.

    Rose and Mali try to put their issues aside for Xander, but their tension is palpable.

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    Xander reassures Rose that she did the right thing by hunting down the ambush attackers as Jamie’s family deserves justice.

    Irene thinks Mali and Rose should talk through their problems, but they still can't agree and their conversation turns into an argument.

    The former couple can't seem to stay away from each other, but every time they get close, someone gets hurt.

    They agree to end the relationship due to differences, but it remains up in the air whether they're both happy.

    After letting his responsibilities slide, Mali hastily puts together a proposal for the new board shop – Mantaray Boards, in honour of his hometown, Mantaray Point.

    Meanwhile, Xander’s survivor’s guilt heightens when he learns about Jamie's funeral.

    Wanting closure, Xander begs Rose to find out the details of the funeral.

    Elsewhere, things are slowly unravelling at Salt in Mackenzie’s sudden absence.

    Felicity panics when she realises Salt’s liquor licence expires at 5pm and she needs Mackenzie to sign for renewal.

    When Mali shows up at Mackenzie’s, he’s surprised that she’s back.

    Pretending to be upbeat, Mackenzie reveals she went looking for Gabe, but her brave face buckles when she learns that Felicity and Tane got married.

    Later, Tane finds Mackenzie in a bad way as she's sat with the shreds of Gabe’s torn up letter.

    Snapping, Mackenzie reveals that Gabe left her.

    Hearing of Mackenzie’s heartbreak, John makes sure that she’s not alone and she admits her greatest fear – that Gabe has given up on treatment and will die alone.

    Although it's painful, Mack agrees with John that this decision is Gabe’s to make and says a painful goodbye to her ex in a final voicemail.

    Across the Bay, Justin is preparing for prison when he realises how many people rely on him.

    Theo makes a snap decision to quit his apprenticeship and Justin is relieved as this is one less thing to handle.

    Alf is concerned that Justin is not handling the pressure of his impending court hearing.

    Theo feels the pressure of Justin's case as his defence rests on Theo’s testimony.

    When Theo emerges from the court room, he's deflated when he says his witness testimony was a total disaster.

    Under pressure from the ruthless prosecution, Theo accidentally corroborated their argument and confirmed that Ava had a pattern of dishonesty.

    As Justin’s court case seems hopeless, Justin prepares to take the stand.

    Fearing his hot head could lead to self-incrimination, Justin’s lawyer advises against it.

    Saving the day, Alf volunteers to be a character witness for Justin.

    Leah tries to be strong for Justin but struggles knowing that she could be losing him for months, or even years, to prison.

    Spending what could be their last night together, Justin takes a devastated Leah in his arms.

    The next morning, Justin gets the call they’ve all been dreading – the court has made their decision.

    Elsewhere, Cash and Eden's love bubble is burst when Remi steals Eden’s attention.

    Watching the best friends reunite, Cash can’t help but feel a twinge of discomfort, believing the pair are a little too close.

    When Cash walks in on Eden laughing in Remi’s lap, he turns frosty.

    Desperate for the men in her life to get along, Eden orders Remi to go apologise to Cash.

    Remi’s apology does not go down well with Cash and he demands there should be less physical intimacy between his girlfriend and Remi.

    But Remi is affronted, believing Cash has no right to impose terms of their friendship.

    While Eden desperately tries to find a compromise between the men, Remi claims Cash’s insecurity is his own problem.

    Making amends with Cash, Eden promises to create boundaries on physicality with Remi.

    Meanwhile, Remi and Bree are taking things slow, but there is strong chemistry between them still.

    When Remi invites her over, Bree can’t help but be tempted.

    As the temperature heats up, Bree pulls away, not ready for physical intimacy.

    Later, when Bree witnesses a crowd of female admirers around Remi’s busking, she’s uneasy.

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