How Nicola Peltz became Brooklyn Beckham's perfect ten… and the 9 ladies he dated before her

MAYBE it's her pretty blonde hair, 'amazing heart' or the fact she's a billionaire heiress… but something about 'soulmate' Nicola Peltz clearly has Brooklyn Beckham head over heels.

The 21-year-old heartthrob announced over the weekend he is now engaged to the American beauty, 25 – having previously dated a string of nine top models and actresses.

From a very public on-off relationship with actress Chloë Grace Moretz to a secretive fling with Kate Moss' little sister Lottie, the Beckhams' oldest child has rarely been single over the last few years.

But who are all these other girls the Beckham boy has dated?

Here, we reveal how Nicola became Brooklyn's perfect ten – by looking back at the nine ladies he dated before her.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Back in 2014, 15-year-old Brooklyn and 17-year-old American actress Chloë Grace Moretz hit it off after they met at a spin class and embarked on their four-year, on-and-off relationship.

The childhood sweethearts weren't afraid of some showbiz-style PDA as they made their relationship public – regularly posting cute pics of each other on their Instagram accounts.

They made their red carpet debut at the Teen Choice Awards that year and were on and off until August 2016, when they seemed to call time on their relationship for good… until 2017 when they reunited once again.

But despite their rocky relationships they seemed loved up enough, with Brooklyn telling US Weekly: “I think we chose each other. It’s been years now off and on and it’s just one of those things, you come back and it’s like there's been no time spent away from each other at all.

"I think that’s the most important thing and your lives are like an open book. We have our own little private world and I think that’s important for both of us.”

The young couple called it quits for the final time in 2018 amid cheating rumours circulated.

Sonia Ben Ammar

Brooklyn dated French actress Sonia for five months from October 2015 to March 2016 during a spell when he and Chloe had split up.

The then-teenager originally met the model daughter of Tunisian producer and director Tarak Ben Ammar – who has named Silvio Berlusconi and the late Michael Jackson in his inner circle – the previous year.

Sonia, who made her film debut in the 2013 French film Jappeloup, then began to make an appearance on Brooklyn's Instagram at the end of the summer.

This girlfriend reportedly made a good impression on Brooklyn's parents, with a source confirming they were dating and adding that his mum and dad were "happy about it".

The pair were spotted together with Victoria in 2017 and they stayed close friends for a while after their relationship ended.

Madison Beer

Back in July 2017 – during another break from Chloe – Brooklyn and singer Madison seemed smitten, packing on the PDA as they kissed during a day out together.

Madison said in an interview at the time: "We are definitely crushing on each other. But we’re both very busy.

"He’s great, he’s a cutie, he’s one of my best friends… We hang out almost every day."

But things sadly didn’t work out between the pair, with Madison confirming to People just a month later that she "can’t do long distance" relationships… cue Brooklyn getting back in with Chloe.

Lexi Wood

Teenagers have long taken pleasure in rebelling against their parents.

And while Brooklyn has always appeared to be a good boy for his mum and dad, the time he was papped in a tattoo parlour getting off with a Playboy model WEEKS after he split with Chloe surely raised their eyebrows.

But the short fling between Brooklyn and Canadian model Lexi in 2018 was under scrutiny by ex Chloe too, as she took to Instragram to reveal she had been listening to Cardi B's break-up song, Be Careful.

The track is about a woman who suspects her boyfriend of cheating, and while there's no evidence Brooklyn ever cheated on Chloe, she clearly wanted to kick him in to touch after he wasted no time in moving on from her.

Lexy Panterra

One day Brooklyn had a Lexi and the next he had a Lexy… but whatever the spelling, both flings were short and sweet.

The photographer was linked to the model after he took some steamy photos of her during a shoot.

Brooklyn and Lexy were then reportedly spotted giving large doses of PDA in a London nightclub.

A source said to People: "Brooklyn was very affectionate with her. They were kissing and laughing all night. At the end of the night, they left the club together.”

Although Lexy has the full package – she's a singer, writer, dancer, fitness coach with 2.6million followers on Instagram – she and Brooklyn just weren't meant to be as their relationship ended pretty swiftly after.

Abi Manzoni

Brooklyn was spotted having lunch with Gordon Ramsay's son Jack in summer 2018 – but the lads weren't alone as Brooklyn's new girlfriend Abi Manzoni was also in tow.

A source told The Sun: "Brooklyn and Abi were acting like a couple, they were glued to each other’s side and very affectionate and attentive towards one another."

Abi is an aspiring US model and singer and runs a legal cannabis business.

Around the time she was dating Brooklyn, she often shared snaps of the drug on her Instagram story, which is legal for over 21s to consume in the state of California.

One picture even saw her affirm to followers: "Disclaimer: I run a cannabis company that is legally licensed and I do not smoke marajuana."

Lottie Moss

After Abi came Lottie – the little sister of supermodel Kate Moss.

It was reported in 2018 that Brooklyn and Lottie Moss had a “secret fling” before the young bachelor began dating Hana Cross.

It was around this time that The Sun on Sunday claimed Posh and Becks called their son “the new Calum Best” – with a source adding Brooklyn’s obviously “inherited his dad’s charm.”

Kate Moss’ lil sis and Brooklyn are said to socialise in similar circles, and have been seen out partying with one another in London.

As the fling was kept a secretive affair, it's unknown how long they were dating for exactly.

But what is known is that Lottie is bizarrely good mates with Brooklyn’s next ex-girlfriend, Hana Cross.

Hana Cross

Brooklyn's relationship with Hana Cross was certainly one of the more public, with the pair not afraid to partake in a good ol' row in the street.

Hana – who has modelled for ASOS and Nasty Gal – began dating Brooklyn in November 2018 and the pair were together for nine months.

But it sure didn't seem like nine months of bliss…

In fact, the relationship was characterised by public bust-ups – Hana was even caught 'lashing out' at Brooklyn at Cannes Film Festival where security had to separate them.

Hana was also spotted leaving a London Fashion Week event in tears.

But in August 2019 the pair decided to take a break.

The Sun reported that David and Victoria were in fact “delighted” at Hana and Brooklyn’s split.

As with all decent celebrity break ups, the relationship really ended when they both unfollowed each other on Instagram in September.

Phoebe Torrance

They say some men go for women like their mothers… but Brooklyn went for one lady who actually LOOKED like his mum…

When he first started dating Phoebe Torrance in October 2019, fans were quick to point out that Phoebe bore a striking resemblance to Victoria Beckham.

And it gets weirder…

The Sun reported Phoebe, who is the daughter of former Ryder Cup golf hero Sam Torrance, used to even work as a Victoria lookalike!

A source told The Sun: "A few of his friends have teased him about it but Brooklyn is adamant that there is nothing ‘Oedipal’ about it – or words to that effect.

"But Phoebe told pals that she actually did a few jobs as a Victoria lookalike in her early modelling days, the money of which helped fund her university course.

"Presumably she never thought she might one day meet her idol."

But while Brooklyn may have dated many girls in his teens, now at the age of 21 he only has eyes for one lucky lady, his fiancee Nicola Peltz.


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