I Hate Suzie director lifts lid on parts of drama Billie Piper 'hated' as she was 'forced to improvise' in scenes

I HATE Suzie's director has lifted the lid on parts of the drama Billie Piper 'hated' as she was 'forced to improvise' in scenes.

The Sky Atlantic comedy sees Billie play the titular Suzie, a former teen pop star-turned-actress who has intimate photos stolen from her phone by hackers who then leak them on the Internet.

The series was written by Lucy Prebble and now director Georgi Banks-Davies has opened up about some of the challenges faced on set.

Each episode focuses on a different emotion being felt by Suzie in the aftermath of the scandal, and Georgi explained how Lucy's in-depth writing style was sometimes hard to cram into a days filming.

She explained: "As a director, you have to read it again and again, and then read between the lines.

“And Lucy is able to create such a great tapestry by doing that. Lucy was always there [on set to talk] about this [show] we were creating.

“But there are certain scenes where it would spin-off, and [I would turn to Lucy and say] 'I think all of the actors hate you Lucy.'"

However, Georgi admits she also didn't go easy on Billie and the rest of the cast, as she would never call cut as she was "forcing them to continue with scenes".

Her plan worked as she said "something amazing" came "at the end of each take because they had to keep going". 

She added: "I want them to be able to play and I do not mind if it is different every time."

For her part, Billie said: "I’m not good at improvising at the best of times but it does create something sort of beautiful in the space."

Lucy added: "It was very exciting to get something where you can change an episode in so many different ways.

“But, firstly, you have to make sure you know what the style of the show is going to be like. And secondly, is what it looks like and this is the glue that holds it all together.” 

All episodes of I Hate Suzie are available on Sky and NOW TV.

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