Is 'KUWTK' Even a Reality Show Anymore?

The concept of reality TV is that everything is left unedited, and viewers get to see whatever is happening in real-time. For 14 years, fans have kept up with the Kardashians as they went through life and relationships.

Their authenticity in showcasing every bit of their lives made the show exciting to watch. Fans loved the show because they got to see how the sisters led their lives without needing to edit out the storylines. However, with the show being on its last leg, fans now feel like Keeping Up With the Kardashians is no longer a reality show.

‘KUWTK’: The end of an era

KUWTK premiered about two decades ago. The show followed socialite Kim Kardashian and her large family consisting of their mother Kris, and her siblings, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and Rob. Before the show, Kim worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant, and she was therefore already at the forefront of Hollywood and tabloids.

Although she was relatively known, many people got to know her after her infamous sex tape leaked, which essentially started the Kardashian-Jenner family careers. Today the family is worth millions of dollars combined and is the most famous family in the world.

KUWTK follows the lives of the sisters as they navigate friendships, adulthood, and businesses. Throughout the show, fans have seen the sisters go through life-changing moments such as getting children.

Kim and Kanye are calling it quits

Kim and Kanye West had been in the same social circles long before they made things official. In 2014, the couple was wedded in a highly publicized wedding. Kim was already a tabloid darling, and Kanye was one of the major players in the hip-hop and fashion industry.

Though an unlikely one, their union has risen to become one of the biggest power couples in the entertainment industry. The two have over the years had four children, North born in 2013, Saint born in 2015, Chicago born in 2018, and Psalm born in 2019.

Kim and Kanye have massive audiences, and their fan bases combined became an enormous empire. They have built a strong brand together for all the years they’ve been together. However, CNN reports that in January 2021, Kim filed for divorce.

Although the news came as a surprise, fans had been privy about the couple’s marital troubles for some time. Although no official reason has been provided for the split, fans speculate that Kanye’s recent controversial statements have pushed his wife over the edge.

Fans feel like ‘KUWTK’ is no longer a reality show

The Kardashians gained fame and popularity through their hit reality tv show KUWTK. In the show, they allowed their fans to follow them every day, indirectly losing their power to privacy in the process. However, as time went by, some family members like Kourtney began feeling the need to have more privacy.

The matter didn’t sit well with her sisters and ultimately caused tension between her and Kim. Kim and Khloe felt Kourtney didn’t do much to help the show since she lived a somewhat private life than her sisters.

Recently fans have called out the popular reality show for its lack of authenticity. Some fans on Reddit thought that the show has “changed in regards to what they share.” Viewers complained that the show was a facade, with many calling it a waste of time.

Many fans feel like KUWTK is giving out boring episodes when they are sitting on a major storyline with the Kimye divorce. One fan boldly called the show “a circus.” Others felt the show started lacking when they switched from the “family home concept” they had in earlier seasons. One fan said,”they edit themselves. They edit storylines. Why make a reality television show if no reality is shown?”

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