Jinger Duggar bashed by fans for dropping $8K giveaway ‘scam’ and never updating her followers – The Sun

FANS are outraged after Counting On star Jinger Duggar announced a major cash giveaway that seemingly turned out to be a “scam.”

The 26-year-old reality star was offering up $8,000 to her followers but soon dropped the whole thing when she was called out on its legitimacy.

In an Instagram video that’s since been deleted, Jinger thanked her fans for their “love and support” before announcing she, in partnership with an account called jgiftingtoyou, was giving away $4,000 to two followers.

She said: “Check this out. I’m doing a gift giveaway, and two of you will receive $4,000 each.

“…It’s money that you can do anything you’d like to with. Maybe it’s paying the bills during this difficult time or rent or maybe you need a new car. I just want it to be a blessing to you.”

While some commenters were excited about the idea of winning some money, others realized they had to follow strange accounts in order to enter and that the whole giveaway seemed like a sham.

When Jinger failed to give an update on the free money, one follower wrote: “What happened to the $8000 giveaway? I guess it was just a scam.

“SHAME ON YOU!!! And you come and talk about religion? Bull crap!”

The mother-of-one revealed in her reply that she and husband Jeremy Vuolo “did not review the post before it went live and are no longer in that partnership.”

She added: “Thank you for supporting me! I am looking with Jeremy Vuolo at a few different options to give back an do possibly another giveaway that doesn’t require you to follow all those accounts.”

Reddit users slammed Jinger for all of the chaos the giveaway brought, including getting fans’ hopes up during these troubling times.

One said, “This is so tacky. Not very ‘classical’ of you, Jinger,” while another wrote, “That was really low even for them, I do feel for the people though who went through all the trouble of following and commenting thinking they could get something.”

Others weren’t happy with her promise to find another way to “give back” in light of the situation.

“Why don’t you donate some of your own money that you save by not paying rent/a mortgage to a good cause right now instead of trying to lure Instagram followers with shady giveaways,” one Redditer asked.

This latest scandal comes just shorty after Jinger’s husband Jeremy upset fans with his “insensitive” response to a fan on Instagram.

The 32-year-old former soccer player asked his followers: “What is something in quarantine that you’ve realized you are extra grateful for?”

In response to a fan’s personal story about being laid off and their grandfather having stage 4 cancer, Jeremy simply replied: “Wow. Thanks for sharing!”

Reddit users saw the Counting On star’s reply and couldn’t believe how “disgusting” it was.

Some wondered why Jeremy couldn’t even add a “your family is in my prayers” to his response, since they felt a “pastor would be more Christlike and compassionate.”

One commenter wrote: “This is just so stone cold. I do not even understand how you could respond to another human that way after that comment. Something is seriously missing inside of him.”

Before that, fans slammed both husband and wife for their decision to bring their 1-year-old daughter to a crowded Los Angeles park, shortly after it reopened, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One Reddit user wrote: "Sorry, but no. People need to stay home. If there are other people at the park and you can’t avoid them, go home.”

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