Joseline Hernandez and Fiance Avoid Legal Battle After Amber Ali Drops Her Lawsuit

Prior to this, Amber claimed in her lawsuit that Balistic Beatz assaulted her during filming of ‘Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas’ reunion, while the Puerto Rican princess kicked her in front of other cast members.

AceShowbiz -The legal battle between Joseline Hernandez and Amber Ali has come to an end. Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, May 16, Amber revealed that she would not be pursuing legal action against Joseline, her fiance Balistic Beatz and Zeus network after she claimed that she was attacked during filming of “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” reunion.

“Thank you to all my fans that have my back!!!” Amber penned on her Instagram Story which latter she reposted on her feed. “After deep thought, I am no longer seeking legal action against @thezeusnetwork Joseline or Ballistic for what took place at the reunion. I am putting this entire ordeal behind me.”

Concluding her message, Amber thanked everyone “for the support and understanding.” She also assured that she’s “in great health and great spirits, I am moving on with my life.”

Zeus reposted Amber’s message on its own account and provided an official statement addressing the development of the lawsuit in the caption. “We appreciate @msamberali taking steps to resolve things and move forward peacefully. We look forward to maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with all involved. – Zeus Network,” so it wrote.

Joseline, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.

Prior to this, Amber claimed in her lawsuit that Balistic assaulted her, grabbing her by her hair and ripping it from her scalp. Additionally, she said that the Puerto Rican princess kicked her with other “Joseline’s Cabaret” stars witnessing the violent incident.

“I am so embarrassed, mortified, and depressed. I can’t stop replaying the events in my head over and over. Ballistic should be arrested! He and Joseline attacked me in front of cameras, crew, production and guests! This is wrong,” Amber wrote on Instagram. “I want justice. Please reach out to my attorneys with any questions. @kathyrabii_esq @joeblak_esq @ar_apc.”

Meanwhile, Balistic denied the allegations. “We are deeply saddened by the accusation made against out family at the Joseline’s Cabaret Reunion. We would like to thank our fans for their continued support. Joseline is the mother of a five-year old girl and would never take any action to jeopardize her family,” he said in a statement at the time.

“Joseline’s Cabaret was created on the foundation of female empowerment. One of out program’s core values is supporting women, not breaking them down,” he continued. “While we support Zeus Network in its message in condemning bullying, unprovoked violence, and men attacking women, we strongly disagree with a correlation between these themes and the events that took place last night. There is footage of the events and we are confident that our position is made obvious.”

“In a time when social media narratives really get misconstrued, we believe our family’s response is being silenced by the facilitated deletion of both Joseline’s Instagram and Facebook accounts,” he concluded.

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