Joy-Anna Duggar & husband Austin Forsyth RIPPED for dressing daughter Evelyn, 7 months, in 'dangerous' choker necklace

COUNTING On followers ripped Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin, Forsyth for dressing their daughter Evelyn, seven months, in what some called a 'dangerous' choker necklace.

Some said the accessory seemed like an "actual effort to endanger" the baby.

The Duggars Snark Reddit account shared a snap of Joy-Anna's baby, Evelyn, wearing a black choker necklace and sucking on a lemon wedge.

Joy-Anna captioned the pic: "Evy's favorite food here is lemons."

Followers criticized: "Why is that baby wearing a choker?!"

Others wondered: "That necklace isn’t even one of those dodgy teething necklaces. Why would she do this? I try not to parent shame too much, as I have found my own kid in situations I would have judged so hard before I had a baby. It just happens no matter how careful you try to be. But putting a choker on a kid takes actual effort to endanger them."

Another commented: "A necklace on a baby that can’t even walk yet?? I know Joy is an idiot but I’m baffled."

Other followers weighed in: "Just missing the unsecured firearm in the background!"

Some were more concerned about the lemon writing: "This! The lemons and limes are the grossest and full of bacteria. Just think of a container of chopped lemons on the counter of the bar or in the back kitchen that’s just open for all the nastiness to fall inside of. Plus side – building a strong immune system in the kid? Maybe?"

Earlier this week, Joy-Anna shared a snap of Evelyn getting into a basket of diapers and seemingly putting a tube of cream in her mouth.

The mom captioned the pic: "She's reached the age of getting into everything, and that makes me sad. Not because of the mess, but because she's somehow already old enough to crawl around and explore."

The DuggarsSnark Reddit quickly called out the TV star, as one person wrote: "… why the baby bracelet? She could easily choke on that."

Another follower asked: "Isn't that one of those chewable bracelets for teething(spelling?)"

The Counting On star recently shared her fears for Evy, could have “brain damage” from a “weird bump” on her skull.  

The reality star and her husband, Austin Forsyth, took their baby to Arkansas Children’s Hospital to get checked out by a specialist doctor.

Joy-Anna shared doctors said "the bump may be a sign that her skull is fusing together too quickly. If it does fuse together too quickly then it could cause some brain damage.”

Thankfully a specialist concluded that Evy’s skull wasn’t fusing together too quickly and that they should just keep an eye on it over the next few years. 

Joy-Anna has also spoken candidly about parenting: "Learning patience in parenting isn’t easy for me… honestly, I thought I was a pretty patient person until I had kids!

"Thinking about how my words and actions affect my kids' life has opened my eyes and sometimes broke my heart. I can either respond in patience and love or in anger and frustration.

"When something happens and I want to get upset I have tried to think to myself 'Is this going to help the situation or make is worse?' Getting angry and yelling at them is never the right answer."

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