Julia Haart net worth: How much is My Unorthodox Life star worth?

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My Unorthodox Life follows the life and work of Julia Haart, a fashion mogul living in New York City. The Netflix reality TV show shows how Haart went from being a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to the CEO of Elite World Group. But what is the star’s net worth?   

What is Julia Haart’s net worth?

My Unorthodox Life is a reality TV show unlike any other on Netflix, with the series following fashion mogul Julia Haart. 

The series shows off her grit and determination to push beyond her beginnings and prove herself to be one of the most influential and successful fashion CEOs in modern times.

Premiering on July 14, each of the nine episodes shows a different aspect of the star’s life and work, with a keen focus being placed on her background.

There is a clear duality shown within Haart, as fans have loved the fashion icon’s relentless drive throughout the series.

Her success is apparent in the show, with her lavish lifestyle and luxury living being shown off in each and every scene.

As the CEO of one of the most successful fashion companies in the world, fans have wondered what the extent of Haart’s wealth truly is.

Her net worth is staggering, with Yahoo Finance placing her earnings north of half a billion dollars.

Speaking to Women’s Health in 2018, Haart explained: “I am co-owner of Elite World Group… When I took over the company in 2018, we were valued at $90 million, and now we are valued at over $1 billion in two years.”

As Haart is the co-owner of the company, this would put her personal net-worth at over $500,000,000 (£359,730,000) annually.

According to Trend Net Worth, her CEO role earns her $2,000,000 (£1,800,000) a year, or $400,000 (£287,000) a month.

Before taking over Elite World Group, Haart started her fashion career by setting up her own shoe brand.

Speaking to People, the star explained: “It didn’t occur to me that it’s strange to start a shoe brand when you’ve never made a shoe.

“You don’t know what you’re capable of until you get up and try.”

Haart revealed that she had investors who helped her make connections in the industry, with one thing leading to another before she was in the position of CEO now.

“I had investors who helped me, but it was a string of miracles and meeting people,” the CEO added.

“Like the person who produced my shoes, I met on an aeroplane. I found the factories in Italy myself, and I did the public relations, the sales—everything.”

Currently, Netflix has not renewed My Unorthodox Life for a second season, though that may change in the coming months.

The streaming platform usually waits two to three months before renewing a show, likely to account for the exact viewing figures.

If a second season is confirmed, it will likely explore new aspects of the star’s business and life, with other family members coming into play.

Season one showcased the many people she surrounds herself with both inside and out of the office, season two will likely continue to show parts of Haart’s life that didn’t make it into season one.

My Unorthodox Life is available to watch on Netflix.

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