Kate Garraway shares Derek update as she details Kings kind gesture

Kate Garraway shares King's kind gesture to husband Derek

On Sunday’s instalment of ITV’s Lorraine, the host welcomed Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway onto the show to speak about the upcoming Coronation this weekend.

Before getting into the royal discussion, the Scottish presenter asked the 56-year-old how Derek was doing since his return to the hospital last month.

Kate’s husband has been left with serious side effects of long Covid after he first contracted the virus back in 2020.

After being put into an induced coma, Derek has been left with clots in his lungs, holes in his heart and has developed debilitating symptoms such as being unable to walk.

Telling Lorraine he’s now doing well, the host highlighted she heard King Charles had once been very kind to her after learning about Derek’s condition at the time.

Kate replied: “Yeah he was, I think it came about because of the Prince’s Trust.

“It was when Derek got sick and was very ill in a coma. Of course, he and the Queen had both had covid.

“He wrote the most amazing personal letter, just wonderfully uplifting for me.”

Although she was unable to bring the note onto the show, Kate confessed what he had said was beautiful.

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“I know other people that have had letters from him for various different reasons.

“I think what he does, I think this is what he’ll be thinking about tonight and tomorrow, he gets why it’s special for people to have that letter.

“He gets why his role makes it special.”

Kate isn’t the only ITV star who received a personal letter from the monarch as Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards shared the King had written to her when her son Jamal died in February last year.

During his lifetime, he had done a lot of work for the Prince’s Trust and was awarded an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 for his services to music through his business.

Reading it through tears, Brenda detailed the contents of what Charles had written.

Part of the letter said: “I have such fond memories of the times I met him and can ill afford in this country to lose someone as exceptionally special as your dear son.

“I fear that this letter can only be hopelessly inadequate under such soul-destroying circumstances and will probably be of no comfort whatsoever in making your sense of anguish any easier to bear.

“But please know that you and your family are so very much in my thoughts and prayers at this saddest and most heartbreaking of times.”

Lorraine continues weekdays on ITV from 9am.

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