Kendall Jenner caught with NBA star Devin Booker on road trip in Arizona – The Sun

KENDALL Jenner decided to skip out on social distancing and hit the road with hunky NBA star Devin Booker.

According to TMZ, eyewitnesses caught the two looking like a couple in Arizona.

TMZ Sports first obtained video of the two young stars making a quick pit stop in a town near Sedona.

In the video, the 6' 5" Phoenix Suns player waited for Kendall as she made her way back to the car.

He wore a white long-sleeved shirt with black pants and sunglasses.

The model wore a white crop top with tan pants and sneakers.

Fans seemed to immediately recognize the duo, as a witness said: "There goes Devin, there goes Kendall."

Another voice called out: "I love you, Kendall!"

As soon as fans spotted them, the two immediately got into the back of his black Mercedes Maybach.

Sources close to the two told TMZ: "Kendall and friends have a small social circle amongst the group, who have been following the same social distancing and physical distancing guidelines.

"Devin is a friend and is part of the small group."

Kendall and Devin have been friends for years, as they used to go on double dates when they were with Ben Simmons and Jordyn Woods respectively.

The source continued: "They took a road trip for some much-needed air".

They also noted that the two tried to minimize contact with people, despite not wearing face masks or gloves to protect themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

Devin is a basketball player for the Phoenix Suns, which explains why the two were in the state.

Before the trip, Kendall was quarantining in her $8.5M Los Angeles home, playing video games and spending much-needed quality time with her dog.

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