Kym Marsh's boyfriend Scott hits back after being accused of breaking lockdown to be with her after seven months

KYM Marsh's soldier boyfriend Scott Ratcliff has slammed a fan after he was accused of breaking lockdown restrictions by reuniting with the star.

Army Major Scott, 31, has been on tour in Afghanistan for the past seven months but was finally back in the arms of ex Coronation Street actress Kym, 43, on Friday night.

Sharing a photo of herself and Scott on Instagram, Kym wrote: "Finally having a date night with my man!

"7 months apart but it’s amazing to see how our relationship has grown despite the distance.

"In these difficult times make time for each other. Grab the dinner or a drink together. Love each other. Appreciate each other. "Let’s all do these things and we will all emerge stronger. Xx."

But after Kym posted the snap, she was met with a suggestion that the couple had broken the strict social distancing rules imposed by the Government.

Along with a 'crying' emoji, one follower wrote: "Not isolating separate then [sic]."

Using Kym's account, Scott – clearly riled – was quick to respond to the critic.

He said: "Absolutely not. Are you? I (Scott) quarantined on camp for 7 weeks before returning to the UK, then went through COVID screening before coming home."

Scott added: "I'm clean. Where does your hatred and sadness come from?"

Kym and Scott were met with lots of support by fans, with one saying: "Ignore these people who clearly no more about your life than you!

"I’m glad he’s home safe, well done Scott for all your do for us in the army! X."

Another mused: "Make him live on the streets!!….how dare you let your soldier partner come home ??."

But when another sympathised with the original poster, suggesting that they may not have fully understood the circumstances, Scott  – who is in the Parachute Regiment – logged into his own account and replied again.

"You’re right! Impossible times," he said. "Nobody is trained or prepared for this. All we have is our spirit, love and positivity. "We were apart for 7 months – I’m so lucky to be home and I will be isolating with Kym rather than alone in barracks – hopefully you’d afford my soldiers the same also?"

Scott continued: "I really hope you’re well. I have huge respect for all of you who have soldiered on through this in our absence.

"You have our respect and we have all come home to support our loved ones who have struggled so much. Keep sharing the love! All of one end. X."

Kym, who has three children from previous relationships, has been dating Glaswegian Scott since July 2018.

Scott flew out to Afghanistan for his second tour of the war-ravaged country late last year, but his return home was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain ahead of his homecoming this week, Kym said: "I have really missed him. It's hard as you look for your support and your partner is that, you just want a cuddle."

She added: "It's great to get him home, I just want to get him home. I tried to find out what he wanted to eat when he gets back but he's said he's on everything!"

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