Liam Gallagher’s failed clothing firm Pretty Green leaves £15m in unpaid bills and small businesses out of pocket – The Sun

THE shutdown of his failed Pretty Green fashion firm isn’t just hitting Liam Gallagher’s pride hard.

The collapse will leave a number of small businesses thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Pretty Green went bust last year and was bought by JD Sports, a decade after Liam helped launch the firm.

When it was shut, Pretty Green had losses of more than £17.5million, with creditors owed £15.6million.

But those hoping to recoup some of the cash won’t get a bean.

A source said: “This is devastating news for a number of businesses, especially in the current climate.

“There’s just no cash left in the pot to pay everyone.

"Former staff and some lenders will get their cash back from Pretty Green Ltd, but suppliers and freight companies will be singing for their supper.

“If they can get any cash back it will still leave them well down, in many cases to the tune of six figures.”

New documents that were filed to Companies House this week revealed that 52 companies had put claims into Pretty Green, worth more than £2.8million.

The report stated the administrators tasked with closing the company had noted 274 creditors who had not yet filed their claims, which will be worth more than £12.7million.

Now I might not be Liam’s biggest fan, but this would be the last thing on earth he’d ever want.

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