Louis Walsh realisation has X Factor fans in frenzy as Mandela Effect goes viral

Louis Walsh is notoriously known on The X Factor for the phrase: “You look like a pop star, you sound like a pop star. You are a pop star!”

But did he actually say it?

One sharp-eared fan on Twitter has pointed out that no footage of the Irish judge saying the words in that order actually exists.

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Surely not? Parodies of Louis, 70, saying that to hopeful contestants are everywhere, from Keith Lemon to Westlife – the band he still manages.

But it turns out, it may be just a myth. and he never said it at all.

The Twitter user, Harry Jones, a PR manager posted: "Louis Walsh never said 'You look like a pop star, you sound like a pop star. You are a pop star!' And I’ll die on this hill. Provide me with video evidence of him saying it I beg you."

And also immediately X Factor fans went into meltdown, frantically trying to find old videos of Louis saying it, "specifically in that order".

Before long, the challenge was "doing people's head in" and they "couldn't cope" and fans started calling the phenomenon the "Mandela Effect".

The Mandela Effect is when "a large segment of the population misremembers a significant event or shares a memory of an event that did not actually occur".

The term was coined in 2009 by a paranormal researcher after she realised that she, along with a number of others, believed that Nelson Mandela had died in the 1980s when he, in fact, passed away in 2013.

After much online debate, it was decided that Louis did not actually say it, it was borne from Westlife "taking the p** out of him on a chatshow".

As X Factor's poised for an imminent return, could it be true that one of its most famous phrases has been a lie?

If so, there will be a stern petition from fans to bring it back to the show, even if it never actually aired…


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