Lucifer: Tom Ellis and cast in tears in emotional thanks to fans Truly unique experience

Lucifer: A look at behind the scenes of series six

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The path to Lucifer’s sixth and final season has been paved with a number of pitfalls, but fans finally got to see the crime-solving devil’s final adventures earlier this month. Fans of the Fox and Netflix hit have now been thanked by Tom Ellis and co. once again in an emotional series of interviews released on social media.

The cast of Lucifer were moved to tears in a series of touching interviews celebrating the show’s spectacular conclusion.

Originally broadcast on Fox, Lucifer’s original home cancelled the series after just three seasons.

However, streaming service Netflix breathed new life into the series following an overwhelming fan campaign which started on Twitter.

To pay their respects to the fanbase’s role in saving Lucifer, Tom Ellis and the cast were all interviewed by Netflix to commemorate the final season.

Ellis admitted: “This isn’t a normal experience, and I think you know that, fans.

“And we know that as well. And what happened with this show, the kind of second coming of this show on Netflix, happened because of the fans.”

Series regulars Lauren German, DB Woodside, Rachael Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia and Kevin Alejandro also sent their thanks in the new clip.

To celebrate the finale, Netflix gave the cast and showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson a moving video collected from fans’ reactions to the show’s conclusion.

Many of the interviewees were in tears watching the viewers express their love for the beloved fantasy series.

Mazikeen star Lesley-Ann Brandt even admitted: “You’ve made a demon cry!”

The show’s British leading man Tom Ellis was also deeply moved by the fans’ powerful messages.

When the video finished he said: “Sort of says it all, doesn’t it?”

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The actor also reiterated how grateful he was for fans’ undying support during the show’s rocky moments in between seasons.

“It has been a truly unique experience this,” he explained.

“We just wanted to entertain people, but the heart and the soul that people have found in this show is something that we’ve all put into it.

“And I’m so glad that people have found that, so thank you.”

Netflix initially ordered just one more season of the cancelled Fox drama back in 2018.

Due to an overwhelming resurgence in popularity, Lucifer subsequently returned for an extended season five, split into two halves.

Season five proved just as popular, and the show was finally able to come to an end on its own terms thanks to millions of fans still tuning in after all these years.

Lucifer season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

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