Lucy Fallon confronts mum shamer who slammed her over newborn baby with dog

Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon recently responded to a comment from a social media follower who shared hurtful comments about her newborn baby being with her pet dog.

The Bethany Platt actress gave birth to Sonny Jude in January of this year. The new mum has since documented life with her baby boy, often sharing sweet pictures on her Instagram.

In one of Lucy’s posts, she can be seen dressing Sonny in a variety of adorable outfits.

Within one of the clips, her dog, Sushi, pops by to see what’s going on.

A curious Sushi sniffs near Sonny, but one of Lucy’s followers shared an inaccurate comment, making it seem as though the pooch licked Lucy’s son.

‘I don’t get people letting dogs lick their babies. Everyone is like “don’t kiss my baby” and you’re out here letting dogs lock them? How is that not worse? It’s just the thought of the dog licking its bits and then the newborn’s face for me’, the Instagram user wrote.

Lucy responded, telling the follower: ‘She actually didn’t even touch him though, did she? If you just watch again’.

The actress is very open and honest about her life looking after a newborn baby and recently, she told her followers how much her mental health has changed now she’s responsible for a tiny human.

Sharing a picture of herself and Sonny to her Instagram Stories, she wrote alongside:

‘Maternal mental health week. There is nothing in the world that can prepare you. From giving birth, the aftermath and then having this teeny tiny lil human bean to take care of.

‘The thing I’ve struggled with the most is the anxiety that comes with being a mum. I question everything I do every single day and I am honestly winging the life out of it.

‘But we are here and we’re having a gorgeous time. Sending love and positive vibes, we all got this.’

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