Meghan King Edmonds’ ex Jim is ‘in love’ with new girlfriend Kortnie – and she even moved into his St. Louis mansion

REAL Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds will no doubt have even more to say after it was revealed that her ex-husband Jim has moved his new girlfriend in.

The 49-year-old is reportedly living with Kortnie O'Connor – according to In Touch on Monday – the woman Meghan called "low-hanging fruit" and said the couple had a three-some with previously.

A source close to the couple revealed to them that they’re “together 24/7” and “in love.”

“Jim and Kortnie are serious,” they told the publication. “She’s living with him in St. Louis, [Missouri].” Though Jim has been “obsessed” with his new girlfriend since pretty much day one, even he’s blown away by the fact that their relationship “all seems to be working out just fine.”

The source continued, “To be honest, Jim wasn’t sure it was going to work out this well, but he and Kortnie are a good match.

"They have a lot in common, they laugh, they work out together and she gets along with his older kids. Right now, everything seems to be perfect.”

The former baseball player and Kortnie, 35, were first linked in January, after Meghan and Jim split last October.

The Real Housewives star shaded her ex for moving on so quickly and made the shocking revelation.

“Why does Jim have to go back to this low-hanging fruit? Can’t she go find somebody else? And just disrespectful on his part,” she said on her Intimate Knowledge podcast at the time.

“It’s just so hurtful. I never told anyone that I had a threesome because it just felt just like something I wasn’t proud of, and now this is the woman [he] is with and spending money on her when he can’t even come to give me the money that I need?” she said.

By March, however, Meghan, 35, had called a tentative truce.

“If it becomes more serious, then [Meghan will] figure out a plan. … Meghan isn’t trying to plan Jim’s future, but he and Kortnie do seem to be getting on well,” a source told In Touch.

“Right now, Meghan doesn’t want any women influencing her and Jim’s kids but her,” they reported.

Jim recently recovered from coronavirus after being slammed for food hoarding when he bragged about spending over $2k in Costco at the start of the pandemic.

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