Mila Kunis Netflix co-star admits fans dont recognise her from Degrassi fame

The Mila Kunis thriller Luckiest Girl Alive landed on Netflix last month and actress Nicole Huff has spoken about appearing in the powerful film.

The Mike Barker directed movie is about a glamorous young woman called Ani who “has it all” and a seemingly perfect life – but all is not as it seems when her deeply traumatic past comes to light.

Nicole, 24, plays prestigious student Olivia Kaplan but fans may recognise her from her role in Canadian teen drama series Degrassi.

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In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the actress admitted that there have been a few occasions where fans haven't recognised her until the end of a conversation – despite discussing projects she appears in.

The Netflix star explained: "What's what's funny is when you're talking to someone about a film and they don't realise that you're in it. Sometimes I've had it when then they don't even realise until the end of the interaction."

"I was in New York and I was watching a Britney Spears concert and this girl was talking about what shows she's a fan of and one of those was Degrassi. By the end of the conversation, she was like 'Wait, I feel like I recognise you from something'," she continued.

Nicole, who also starred in drama series Tiny Pretty Things, added: "With Luckiest Girl Alive, I was talking to someone and they were like 'It was such an incredible and powerful film' and then she was like 'Oh wait, you were in it!'

"I take it as a compliment. I feel like I did my job. Olivia has this kind of bitter energy to her in the film because of what she's going through and how she's taking it out on Ani. But that's not me. So it's nice and I take it as a compliment."

While Nicole had no scenes with Mila in the film, she spoke candidly about how they first met on set, admitting the Hollywood actress was a huge inspiration to her growing up.

"I met Mila Kunis because we were on set on the same day and I just I knew that I wanted to meet her because I had grown up looking up to her and she has been a big inspiration for me.

"I thought it would be a very quick interaction but she invited me in her trailer and it was just like me and her chatting for like, half an hour. She was very complimenting, very warm, very intelligent and very witty!

She added: "It was such an amazing interaction. Everyone attached to the film is truly incredible and I just feel like very happy and honoured to be a part of such a powerful film."

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