Molly-Mae Hague snubs big money fee leaving Inside Missguided fans flabbergasted

Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague left viewers of Inside Missguided gobsmacked when she turned down an almighty fee to work with the fashion brand.

The Manchester based clothing outlet were so desperate to land the reality star as their brand ambassador that they pulled out all of the stops.

Fans could barely believe it when the news was revealed that Molly had snubbed an eye-watering fee of £350,000, that also came with an £80,000 Range Rover.

The documentary follows the behind-the-scenes action of the online retailer, showcasing the concept behind a design, the bartering of the production line, the fashion shoot and the sales process.

During the tell-all programme, company bosses came together to discuss the prospect of Molly-Mae becoming the face of their brand.

The CEO Nitin Passi and the brand marketing director Samantha gathered to align their thinking in advance of a competitive pitch to win over the social media influencer.

Samantha explained her idea to Nitin: "Everyone loves Love Island, everyone is really engaged in it, Molly-Mae just came out as a runner up, and we just think she'd be great for the brand.

"She's really sexy, she's perfect for our customer, and I think a lot of our competitors are going to really want her as well, but we need to be the ones that go in and seal the deal and get her on board."

Attention then arose around how much the company were willing to offer for a chance at netting Molly-Mae to flog their clothing via her online platforms.

Convinced that other fashion brands would offer the TV starlet a hefty sum of £200,000 for her services, they decided to uplift their original offer.

In the meeting, the team finally agreed on the final astounding fee of £350,000, along with an £80,000 Range Rover with private number plates, and they were even willing to chuck in a number of outfits for her stuffed toy elephant, Ellie Bellie.

Despite the lucrative deal on the table, Missguided took a devastatingly low blow when the news landed that she'd struck up a deal with competitor PrettyLittleThing instead.

Reportedly the deal that Molly eventually took up netted her a jaw dropping fee of £1million.

Fans found the awkward snub hard to watch and couldn't wait to take to Twitter to air their thoughts.

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One viewer tweeted: "Did I hear that right? £350k and an £80k Range Rover? Presumably Molly-Mae turned it down though as she’s in the PrettyLittleThing ads that keep playing during the ad breaks."

While other eagle-eyed viewers couldn't help but highlight how an employee called Shelley had negotiated the production fee of a dress to £7.40, while chiefs were busy throwing thousands of pounds in Molly-Mae's direction.

One post read: "Just me or anyone else think the Inside Missguided doc is completely tone deaf? Haggling down a supplier to £7.40 to then throw £350k+ at a celebrity? Who on earth thought this show was a good idea?"

Another gasped: "Did they really just say that on top of offering Molly Mae £350k, they're also gonna give her an £80k car? So desperate for influencers that they’re willing to throw all sorts of money at them, but they haggle their suppliers to make a dress for £7.40."

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