Netflix Too Hot To Handle’s Lydia turned down Jordan Davies’s proposal on Ibiza Weekender after he went down on one knee – The Sun

TOO Hot To Handle is the new Netflix dating show everyone is talking about – but Lydia is no stranger to reality TV.

The hot British model previously appeared on Ibiza Weekender – and turned down Jordan Davies’ proposal.

Appearing as a boat party guest on the final episode of series seven in 2018, Lydia and her friend Olivia caught the rep’s eye – and Jordan went to extreme lengths to pull her.

Trying to prove he was over ex Charlotte, Jordan snogged Lydia on the first night.

And when Charlotte snogged another guest, Jordan took things one step further – going down on one knee and proposing to her.

Calling Lydia ‘the most beautiful, most attractive, most stunning girl’ he’d ever met, Jordan begged her to marry him – much to Lydia’s horror.

The next night, Lydia agreed to a romantic date, where he told her “if I could describe my ideal woman down to a T, you are it”.

Despite Charlotte’s attempt to ruin the date by crashing it and revealing that Lydia was the rebound girl, Lydia asked Jordan out on a second date – where he begged for her forgiveness.

Sadly, it didn’t work out as Jordan now dates another Weekender rep, Isobel Mills, and Lydia is looking for love on Netflix’s new show Too Hot To Handle.

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