Netflix's Behind Her Eyes sets fans' pulses racing as lovers romp in the middle of office

NETFLIX'S new drama Behind Her Eyes has captured the imaginations of viewers both for its intriguing plot line and sexy romps.

The story, originally a novel by Sarah Pinborough, follows Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother who works in a psychiatrist's office and had unknowingly hooked up with her new boss, David.

Then without him knowing she strikes up a friendship with his wife Adele (Eve Hewson).

Themes of adultery are covered, as well as spousal abuse, addiction, lies, and trauma.

In one episode, Louise and David rekindle their affair as they can't keep their hands of each other, leaving viewers very hot under the collar.

They reluctantly agree to have a drink in the office after a hard day's, but one thing leads to another and they're soon engaged in a very steamy romp on David's desk.

Some viewers compared the sex scene to those in the Netflix's other huge drama, Bridgerton, while others had some sage advice for the adulterers.

"The first sex scene in #BehindHerEyes rivals that of @bridgerton and that’s saying a lot," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "My mum watching #BehindHerEyes as they shag in the office: 'They really need to lock that door'."

And a third said: "The least they could of done when having sex in the office was lock the door. I mean anyone could have walked in."

Along with the sexy trysts, Behind Her Eyes viewers have been left 'heartbroken and blindsided' by the 'f***ed up, twisted' ending after bingeing the entire series.

Fans of the new Netflix psychological thriller could not contain their reactions as they watched the final episode starring Bono's daughter Eve Hewson.

For fans of the book, the ending, which is different from the novel, came as a total surprise.

Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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