Newsnight viewers baffled as a furious Robert De Niro appears to talk Trump

It seems Newsnight viewers had no idea the treat they were in for as actor Robert De Niro appeared on last night’s episode to chat all things Donald Trump.

Not happy with how the US leader is running the ship, the long-time non-fan of the President shared his views on the BBC programme.

Taking aim at Mr Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis, which has so far killed more than 82,000 people in the United States, the Oscar-winning actor described the situation at the White House as ‘Shakespearean,’ and admitted ‘you’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around’.

However, while he’s more than welcome to share his thoughts, viewers were left baffled by the appearance of the Hollywood stalwart on the British show.

After all, we don’t normally get actors sharing their political insights on such a programme all that often.

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Social media was awash with punters in all states of musing – from those who thought Robert’s take was pretty spot-on, to others who spat out their tea at the sight of the 76-year-old.

One viewer thought the wine had gone straight to their head, to conjure up such a notion, as they wrote on Twitter: ‘Weird dream last night, Robert De Niro was on #Newsnight I think the Malbec may have gone to my head… wait what?! He was?!’

Another felt it was all a little ‘surreal’, as a viewer echoed the same sentiments by adding: ‘If life couldnt get any weirder, heres Robert de Niro getting interviewed about politics and pandemics by maitlis on bbc newsnight (sic).’

While one simply proferred: ‘What in the name of God is Robert De Niro doing on Newsnight.’

He said: ‘It’s been very strange because New York is kind of like a ghost town, it’s surreal then you see other parts of the world, other great big cities of the world, are also in the same situation.

‘It’s interesting, it’s kind of like a science fiction movie but it’s real.’

So much about this is stranger than fiction, we suppose…

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