Normal People's Connell and Marianne were having sex for 41 minutes on the show

Normal People has been crowned the BBC’s most sex-fuelled show ever – after Connell and Marianne clocked in an impressive 41 minutes in bed together. 

The Irish series, which has also become one of the network’s most successful shows ever, saw Marianne and Connell fall in and out of love as they navigate life through school and college. 

As a result, the pair were often seen having sex, with each other and other people, as they figured out who they were. 

The Sun has now officially calculated how much time between the sheets the pair had – and between the kissing, sex and foreplay, they spent 41 minutes in the midst of raunchy scenes. 

For context, that means an entire episode’s worth of air time, if you were to cut them all together. Which we’re pretty sure someone’s done somewhere. 

Episode two of the 12-episode run was the biggest culprit – with 11 minutes dedicated to the couple experimenting with sex. 

‘The writers wanted to stay true to the book and that featured a lot of sex. They didn’t want to portray it gratuitously though, and an intimacy coach was used to ensure the cast were happy at all times,’ a source explained. 

The series has become a runaway success, with Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal playing Marianne and Connell in the Sally Rooney book adaptation. Even Kourtney Kardashian’s obsessed with it.

The sex scenes didn’t come easy though for the pair, with both leads appearing fully naked on the screen multiple times.

When chatting to MR PORTER’s weekly digital magazine, the 24-year-old said: ‘We would discuss the scene and then Ita would block what we had discussed so it wasn’t mine or Daisy’s responsibility to decide what was appropriate…

‘You’re told what to do. It’s freeing! On the first Friday of the first week, we had a full day of sex scenes.

He added: ‘It’s fair to say we were both incredibly nervous. That Thursday, I didn’t sleep.’

Normal People is available now on BBC iPlayer.

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