Pat Sajak, 74, 'may be FIRED' from Wheel of Fortune after host mocked contestant Chris Brimble’s speech impediment

WHEEL Of Fortune's Pat Sajak "may be FIRED" from Wheel of Fortune.

The speculation comes after the 74-year-old mocked contestant Chris Brimble's speech impediment.

In Touch reported that the longtime Wheel of Fortune host may be "face the ax" following backlash from fans.

However, it was later reported that there is currently no indication that Pat is in danger of losing his job.

After investigating the claims that Pat would be fired from the popular game show, it appears that he is set to remain the show's host until his current contract is up in 2022.

Last month, Pat shocked viewers when he mocked contestant Chris' speech impediment.

During the player introductions, the longtime host poked fun at Chris- who has a lisp- by mimicking him.

After the contestant explained what he does for a living, Pat said “I thee" instead of "I see."

The host's joke received some laughs by others in the studio, though fans took to Twitter to slam Pat for making the "awful" joke.

Commenting on a clip of the joke, one person wrote: "That’s awful … @patsajak- I use to be a fan … I grew up with a parent who had issues speaking."

While one fan called Pat "snide," another added: "Thanks for making fun of people with a lisp on tonight’s show you arrogant overpaid jerk – Pat Sajak. Quit now. Maybe if you grew up with a speech impediment you’d understand."

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