Peter Andre jokes he can’t wait to get rid of the kids when schools FINALLY reopen with hilarious meme – The Sun

PETER Andre joked he can't wait to get rid of the kids when schools FINALLY reopen.

The singer shared a hilarious meme on Instagram of three children being chucked out of a car that then speeds off.

He captioned his post: "I get sent crap all the time but this did make me laugh."

Dozens of his followers knew the feeling, and one wrote: "True story!" as another said: "Can't wait"

Peter has been taking primary care of all four of his kids during lockdown and has been keeping fans entertained with fun videos of his brood.

Peter certainly has his hands full looking after Junior, 14, and Princess, 11, Amelia, six, and Theo, four as wife Emily works on the frontline for the NHS.

His ex wife Katie Price has been taking care of Harvey, 17, in her rented home.

In Pete’s Instagram Stories, the father-of-four often shows off the banter he has with his kids as he teases them for laughs.

In one clip, he tries to impress his eldest son the black and white pasta he’s cooking for dinner.

But unimpressed, Junior can be heard saying to his dad: “Don't test me fam, I'll actually spark you so hard."

For those not familiar with the term, to "spark" is slang for when someone means to hit them or 'knock them out'.

Clearly a joke, both can be heard laughing at Junior's ‘threat’.

The duo were trading insults with one another all last week, with Pete hilariously comparing Junior to looking like Eminem and suggesting Tiger King Joe Exotic could be his real dad.

In the throwback photo, Junior, now 14, is seen sporting a blonde mullet while looking at the Tiger King star's famous mugshot.

Poking fun at Junior's hair, Pete wrote: "Dad… that you #joeexotic #tigerking #weneedtotalkaboutcarole @officialjunior_andre."

Fans couldn't contain their laughter over the snap.

One wrote: "?? Literally just finished an episode of this and started looking through Instagram… some DNA testing may be required ?."

In another video the 47-year-old star shared footage of Emily, Princess and even Junior treating his kitchen like their personal dancefloor.

It came as the family enjoyed a takeaway Jamaican feast, before dancing around to Bob Marley classic Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

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