Phillip Schofield rows with 'irresponsible' hairdresser for breaking lockdown

Phillip Schofield found himself in a row with a hairdresser who has flouted the lockdown rules for 15 of her clients.

Appearing on This Morning, the anonymous guest (who went by the name Jane) explained how she kept her business open during the pandemic after being left frightened over not receiving an income.

She told the host that she is already in debt and was afraid the bailiffs would come knocking.

‘I looked into the Universal Credit,’ she stated. ‘But it didn’t touch what I was earning and it wouldn’t cover half of my bills or credit cards payments.

‘As for a grant, I don’t want to take any more loans on or leave myself in more debt.’

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The hairdresser added: ‘I don’t want bailiffs at my door, I have been through that once, and I can’t put myself through that again.’

But Phil wasn’t impressed with her argument and shut down his guest, who appeared on the show with one of her clients, branding them both ‘irresponsible’.

‘There will be people up and down the country who will be saying, “I am lonely, my mental health has taken a big hit here, I have grey roots, my nails need doing, yet I am still abiding by the rules,”

‘What gives you the right?’

The presenter fumed: ‘I mean it’s a little bit like safe sex, you know, you have no idea, you are letting someone into your house and Jane you’re going into her house, you have 15 other clients, you have no idea what their families have been doing and how careful they have been.

‘There is every possibility that you could get [the virus] into your environment, with 15 other families, and you have a disabled child…’

‘I think both of you are being incredibly irresponsible,’ the 58-year-old sneered.

Defending herself once again, Jane hit back: ‘Well, as for myself I made sure the 15 clients I do have, none of them has a family at home, they are all people who live on their own they are not going out.’

‘I made a strict condition of my own,’ she affirmed.

However, This Morning host Holly Willoughby quickly chimed in: ‘You are going out?’

‘Yes, in the meantime even though I’m going into their property it’s the same as a doctor going into their property,’ Jane said.

‘All my equipment is sterile, I wear the gloves a mask and an apron. It’s no different than going into a doctors because everything has been sterilised.’

Hairdressers and salons are currently closed in the UK, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson hoping to reopen their doors on July 4 at the earliest.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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