Pierce Brosnan Admits To Mistreating Bond's Aston Martin DB5 In Goldeneye

Driving fast cars is meant to be one of the many things secret agent James Bond is skilled at, but it turns out 007 actor Pierce Brosnan made a rookie error with the beautiful Aston Martin DB5 he got to drive in 1995’s Goldeneye.

As reported by Digital Spy, from a tidbit picked up in the Esquire watch-along of the film with Brosnan, the actor revealed that he forgot to take off the handbrake while driving the Aston Martin in one scene–and not just once.

“I drive up, and I get out, and they say, ‘Cut. Do you want to drive the car back?’ and I say, ‘Yeah, I’ll drive it back’. So, I get out, do my little Bond quip, get back, reverse the car, go back to [my] starting position. We did this about five, six times, and on the sixth go round I could smell burning.”

Yes, far from handling his car with the suave grave we expect from Bond, Brosnan had left the handbrake on for multiple takes in the very expensive car–in front of a large audience that included the car’s owner, no less.

Brosnan isn’t entirely sure what happened next between the car, its mistreatment and its no-doubt upset owner, because he “scarpered off into the night”, in his own words. “I’m sure [the car’s owner] was taken care of by the company,” he said. “I hope he was anyway.”

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