Pregnant Stacey Solomon and son Rex watch a movie in hospital at 1am after his nasty accident

PREGNANT Stacey Solomon pulled out all the stops to ensure youngest son Rex's overnight hospital stay was as comfortable as possible after he was rushed back in for new stitches.

The well-organised mum of three, 31, made sure to download Disney movie Moana and have a big cuddly rabbit packed for their overnight stay, as well as a special bag for herself.

On Monday, Stacey told how she and fiance Joe Swash had a nightmare weekend as their two year old tot was rushed to hospital and needed stitches after taking a tumble in their garden.

Last night the Loose Women panelist revealed nurses had called the pair back so Rex could have new stitches.

Stacey told her Instagram Stories: "Because of where it is on his lips they can't glue it or anything it has to be stitched so we will stay tonight and hopefully he will get it done nice and early."

The concerned mum then uploaded a snap of her laptop and to-do list as she put: "I'm in Rex's room packing his bag and downloading Moana … and some Friends episodes for me.

"My baby brain is not great at the moment so if any of you know any good things I will probably forget let me know.'

Yet the former X Factor contestant looked to be just fine on her own, pulling out Rex's personalised nappy bags and filling his dinosaur lunch box with snacks she knew he would "definitely eat."

In another slide, Stacey added: "I'm definitely bringing his night light, blankie, bun bun and pillow.

"Then I packed some bits for me."

These included snug fluffy slippers, an eye mask, toiletries, spare clothes and a pillow, as Stacey anticipated she'd be sleeping in a hospital chair.

Yet when she was in the hospital ward she looked just as snug as could be, lying on the bed with an exhausted Rex who didn't make it to the end of the movie.

She wrote: "Goodnight, sweet dreams.

"Love you all lots and lots.

"Me bump bunny and pickle will see you in the morning."

At the weekend, Stacey told fans Rex's ordeal left her fiance Joe in tears and the actor had to leave the hospital room.

She told followers: "We had a nightmare yesterday. Rex fell over in the garden and we were like, 'Up you get.' Then we looked and it was not an 'up you get' situation.

"He hurt his lip so we took him into A&E and he had some little butterfly strips put on."

She added: "I'm going back today to get him proper stitches, because it's in a really awkward place.

"But he was so good and he didn't make a sound. He was just like: 'Yeah, fix it,' to the doctor. But he was so good."

Stacey then turned the phone to fiance Joe Swash saying: "Joe on the other hand…"

Joe replied, shaking his head: "Honestly, when the kids are hurt I panic like nobody's business."

Stacey added: "He had to leave the room and he was crying. Bless your soul. I'll be looking after Joe today more than Rex – I love you."

The star, who rose to fame on The X Factor, revealed this month that she and Joe are expecting their second child – and her fourth.

She is already mum to Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine, while she and Joe share two-year-old Rex.


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