President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

There are no public events on the schedule today for President Donald Trump until the evening. That’s when he and the First Lady will host a reception “celebrating the White House Rose Garden.”

Why celebrate something that’s been there for ages? The Rose Garden has been revamped. Gone are the crabapple trees that were part of the original design. Also gone is the location of the fabled Obama “beer summit.” It has been replaced by new limestone pavers and steps, and will eventually host an art installation.

The lack of public duties for the President meant there was plenty of time for tweeting. The Commander-in-Tweet was active, bemoaning the continued protest actions in Portland, mail-in balloting, the recently concluded Democratic convention (where, he noted, they altered the Pledge of Allegiance), and the FDA decision to revoke  its emergency use authorization of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for treating COVID-19.

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