RHOC alum Heather Dubrow hints a return to Bravo show more than three years after she quit – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Orange County alum Heather Dubrow hinted at a return to the Bravo show more than three years after she quit.

She said on a recent podcast she would "never say never" to coming back to the network.

Heather said of returning to RHOC on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: "Honestly, I would never say never, you just don't know what life is gonna throw your way.

"Or how circumstances change or what you feel like doing…

"I don't even know what that set of circumstances would look like."

The mom of four, who's married to plastic surgeon and Botched co-host, Dr. Terry Dubrow, added she did not see Tamera's and OG Vicki's departures from the show coming:

Heather shared: “I was surprised when Tamara was gone from the show this year because I just think she’s so content-rich and Vicki too.

“There’s always something going on. They’re both so good on the show, and they have given so much to the show and added so much.

"But, again, things need to evolve, they need to move on. Maybe they will come back someday, maybe they won’t?”

Heather appeared on the reality series between season 7 and 11 and added she's still on good terms with her former cast members.

She explained: "I run into the girls from the show, and I have no problems and even I might have a problem with, it is just not that important.

"I feel like we were all in a sorority with this shared experience."

However Heather noted, she'd prefer to keep her distance from Kelly.

She said: "Not because I don't like her, to be honest with you. She and I actually shared a lot of really fun moments I think she's a really good mom, I'm really happy for her that she met someone and she's engaged and all that.

"…I never know what I am going to get when I see her. Last year she posted some things about me that were dumb, and I laughed, it wasn’t a big deal — I just never know what I am going to get."

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