Sister Wives’ Kody Brown slammed for STILL not building on $820K land after wife Janelle forced to move from rental home

KODY Brown has faced backlash for STILL not breaking ground on his $820k land, after family disagreements and Janelle being forced to put her own rental on the market.

The Sister Wives star purchased the sprawling property in 2018, though no movements have been made to start building.

Kody, 52, has been accused of "wasting money" after his wife Janelle, 52, shared a video of their empty land.

The mother of six took to Instagram to show off the property, situated on Coyote Pass outside Flagstaff, Arizona.

The reality star panned the barren land finishing with a view of a beautiful mountain landscape.

Janelle captioned her shot: "I never get tired of the view 😍😍," though fans were not as impressed.

"None of them are there? What a waste of money," one slammed, while another asked: "Still no house?"

"The land is very nice. Don't understand why you'll [sic] don't build one house?" another inquired, adding: "That is the families [sic] lifestyle and the family should be under one roof!!!"

"All the wives should want to live the life that is ment [sic] to be," they ranted.

"It's about time you all need to come to a decision to build or sell," another claimed.

"The reality show is becoming a dead end road," they closed while another asked simply: "Will you ever build?"

Janelle's post follows the news that the TLC star was forced to put her $699,000 rental home up for sale.

The Sun exclusively confirmed that the ranch house she's been renting is once again on the market.

The Arizona rental property features five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a kitchen with wood cabinets, white countertops and an island.

The rooms all feature carpeting, and the backyard was described as "huge" according to

The TV personality lives in the home with her three kids Garrison, 22, Gabe, 20, and Savannah, 16, as her other three have already moved out.

The Sun previously revealed that Kody has yet to begin building on their empty plot of Arizona land, after much disagreement took place between his four wives.

Despite the fact that Kody and his spouses Meri, 50, Janelle, Christine, 49, and Robyn, 42, have struggled to maintain their polygamist lifestyle in four separate homes, some are not willing to return to one singular dwelling.

Janelle said the estranged family dynamic “worried” her, and Robyn said “we’re really acting like four separate families," though Christine preferred her privacy.

Kody previously blamed the building delay on having no money, and Covid creating complications for the family.

The father of 18 has battled strained relationships with his wives during the pandemic, as he took quarantining very seriously and wouldn't travel to Janelle for many weeks.

As for the other wive's homes, Meri rents a four-bedroom, four-bathroom $1.3million house for $4,500 a month, and Kody purchased a home with Christine for $520,000.

The Utah native then dropped $890,000 on a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home for his "favorite" wife Robyn.

Tensions have run high with Kody and his spouses during Covid, and he previously slammed Janelle as "lazy" and "full of s**t."

After the blonde admitted that she"can't go all summer" quarantining from the rest of the family last year, Kody clapped back, saying: "Cause she doesn't want to hear the facts. She doesn't want to hear it.

"Frankly I think Janelle is lazy about an ounce of prevention."

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