Sister Wives star Meri Brown works out at the gym as she vows to ‘keep going’ amid ‘split’ from husband Kody – The Sun

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown worked out at the gym and vowed to “keep going” after her suspected split from her husband of 30 years, Kody.

Meri, 49, posted a TikTok video of herself working out at the gym with weights.

She posted on the video: “Keep going.”

In addition to working out, Meri has also been posting glammed-up photos on Instagram.

She even wrote how confident she is after a troll criticized her makeup in the comments of an Instagram photo.

The hater wrote: “Please go somewhere that will teach you the proper way to apply makeup. You will look more attractive and feel better about everything. I am not a mean person, I just thing you need a little help.”

Meri shot back: “I feel great about myself but thanks anyway!”

Fans suspect Meri and her husband of 30 years, Kody, 51, have split after she posted cryptic quotes and ditched her wedding ring.

One quote last week read: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.”

She then wrote on Instagram over the weekend: "Whether with my business associates or in my personal life, I can't force anyone to be who they're not, feel how they don't feel, or meet me anywhere they're not willing or able to meet me. And that's ok. I'll be here for them when they are.”

She continued: “I can only control me and how I respond or react to any given situation. I make my own choices and I'm responsible for them."

She ended the caption with: "They say life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. My reactions aren't always the best, and that doesn't define me. But I'm still in the game. I haven't quit.

"Living life on a daily basis, working hard, dreaming big. Because that's what I do. That's what I'll always do. That's who I am.”

Meri, who shares one daughter with Kody, was involved in a catfish scandal and fell in love with another man, who ended up being a woman.

Kody also divorced her in 2014 to marry fourth and "favorite" wife Robyn, 41.

Kody is spiritually married to second wife Janelle, 50, and third wife Christine, 48.

On the most recent Sister Wives season, Meri admitted their marriage has been “pretty rocky for a while,” while Kody “regrets” their relationship.

He explained on an episode: “I feel like I was deceived into a relationship that was very different than what I expected. Meri and I had a fast courtship with a lot of expectations and a lot of not communicating.”

Meri added: “The relationship he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over.”

Meri, who is very active on social media, snubbed Kody for their 30th wedding anniversary, as he did the same.

The two were seen for the first time together in months on social media when he appeared on Meri’s Facebook Live video last week to ask her to sign legal documents.

Meri could be heard telling her husband that he looked “tired.”

Kody could then be heard in the background, saying: “I don’t know what it is… stress. I am meditating. I am exercising. I am working.”

Meri joked she was signing “divorce papers.”

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