Spoilers: A violent act destroys Callum and Ben's anniversary in EastEnders

Ben (Max Bowden) commits another shocking act of violence in upcoming EastEnders episodes, as he continues in his quest to destroy anyone whom he sees as a threat to Callum (Tony Clay).

Callum’s poster for his work’s LGBTQ+ initiative has gone up around the Square and Ben is horrified when it’s quickly vandalised. Later he spots a man called Rich laughing at the defaced poster. Ben is ready for a fight but Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) calms him down and takes him to the Albert for drinks.

Later, Rich comes in and starts causing trouble. Ben is enraged, and as he leaves the Albert he attacks a man he thinks is Rich, beating him up badly before the awful realisation hits him – it’s not Rich at all. But who is it?

Meanwhile Callum is sad that Ben wouldn’t come out with him to celebrate their wedding anniversary and confides in Mick (Danny Dyer) about the situation with Ben. When Zack (James Farrar) arrives he helps him get a good deal on Sharon (Letitia Dean)’s old flat. Callum shares his good news with Billy (Perry Fenwick) and Lexi (Isabella Brown), hoping that moving into a new place will mean a fresh start for him and Ben.

Later in Walford East, Ben and Callum finally celebrate their anniversary and Ben is happy about the new flat, but their happiness is short-lived. Jay (Jamie Borthwick) has worked out what Ben did and after trying to get Ben to come clean about it has told Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Callum.

Callum is devastated by Ben’s actions, especially when his husband refuses to show any remorse.

What will he do?

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