Spoilers: David's new home rocked by huge explosion in Casualty

There’s more trouble for David Hide (Jason Durr) in tonight’s double-length episode of Casualty.

Hounded by people angry about his son’s part in the recent school shootings, David is forced to leave his home and move to a block of flats across town. His hopes of living a quiet life and keeping his head down for a while are soon dashed when he gets a threatening phone call saying, ‘You’re going to get what’s coming to you.’

Then an explosion tears through the block of flats, causing massive damage and leaving people with serious injuries. David sets to work to try to help the injured, throwing himself into danger to try to save people. He’s convinced that the explosion is his fault because it was intended to kill him, and one of the victims tells him, ‘This is all your fault. I told you people were watching you.’

As David tries to process what’s happened, he finally brings himself to look through Ollie’s things that have been returned to him by the police. What will he discover?

Back in the ED, there’s a new management consultant – and it’s none other than Marcus (Adam Sina), the man Stevie (Elinor Lawless) was sleeping with when he was engaged to her sister. To make things more complicated she’s recently started rekindled their relationship but then changed her mind, so seeing him at her workplace is the last thing she needs.

When she once again has a run-in with arrogant anaesthetist Jonty (Richard Harrington), Dylan (William Beck) tells Marcus to sort it out – and Stevie’s future at Holby hangs in the balance.

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Robyn (Amanda Henderson) has a huge decision to make about whether she wants to go through with her promise to be a surrogate for Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) and Adi (Rajendra Bajaj). ED receptionist Paul (Paul Popplewell) has strong opinions on the matter, and he also has big plans for his and Robyn’s future. What will she decide?

The patients this week all come from the explosion at the block of flats and include a heavily pregnant woman with an unreliable partner, a woman with dementia and a man who seems to be one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Is he really as genuine as he seems?

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