Spoilers: Mitch clashes with Avery after reunion falls apart in EastEnders

Newcomer Avery Baker (Omar Lye-Fook) has already clashed with brother Mitch (Roger Griffiths) in EastEnders – and the difficult dynamic is set to continue.

In tonight’s episode, Avery manages to impress Mitch’s family but it’s clear there’s tension between the siblings as Mitch later tells his brother he wasn’t there for him when he needed support.

As the week continues, Mitch is forced to help Avery as he collapses and his rushed to hospital.

Next week, after some advice from an unexpected face, Mitch decides to talk to Avery.

The positive moment doesn’t last long, however, as Mitch’s anger soon grows again and demands his brother leaves Walford.

The following day, Karen (Lorraine Stanley) puts the pressure on Mitch to give Avery a chance and takes it upon herself to orchestrate their meeting.

When Mitch fails to turn up, Bernie (Clair Norris) and Bailey (Kara-Leah Fernandes) confront him at the cab office – but can they persuade him to talk to Avery?

Will things finally start to thaw between the brothers?

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