Stargirl's season one's finale scene was originally written for pilot episode reveals star

STARGIRL's season one finale was originally written for the pilot episode.

Brec Bassinger who plays Courtney Whitmore as well as her Stargirl alter ego, who revealed the interesting fact about the show.

The actress told Decider: "Okay, this is really fun. So, there's actually a scene that was originally written in the pilot.

"But it didn't make sense yet. It's in this, it's the very, very last scene of the season. It's so beautiful."

Brec, 21, also gave her thoughts on what she would like to see in season two.

"I’d like to see the continual development of the JSA. Something I’ve loved about this first season is: we weren’t great heroes from the beginning."

She added: "We failed, we got our butts kicked. But we grew. I want us to be able to continue that growth."

The former Nickelodeon star also believes that he character has enabled her to develop her leadership skills on set as well as in character.

She explained: "I feel like I do. Only in that looking back throughout the season, Episode 4, where we really introduce Wildcat, Yvette would come onto set. 

"And while she would have a couple of scenes on set, she didn’t know the whole crew by name yet. 

"So just simple things like that, where I would introduce her to everyone and make sure she knew everyone’s name. I felt a leadership role in those ways. 

Last month Stargirl actress Anjelika Washington has told how she felt "very uncomfortable" when confronted with her own stunt double in blackface.

The 22-year-old took to her Instagram page to detail the shock moment, which she made clear did not happen on set of the DC Universe series, but on her fourth acting job.

Doctor Mid-Nite actress Anjelika shared a snap of her standing side by side with her stunt double, who was in blackface, and dressed in exactly the same outfit.

Although both females were smiling for the camera, Angelika revealed her hidden pain in the image caption, as she told how bosses "painted" her co-star black.

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