Superhero Bits: Diamond Comics Plans to Return in May, 'New Avengers' Rumors, 'Lucifer' in Trouble & More

What is Diamond Comics‘ plan to get back in business starting in May? What is holding up the deal for the sixth and final season of Lucifer? What movie is rumored to lead into a New Avengers movie? Want to see bloopers from Bloodshot? Is Black Widow merchandise coming out now or in November? What does PETA want Taika Waititi to do with Thor in Thor: Love & Thunder? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Concept artist Gina DeDomenico shared this design for Wildcat in the upcoming DC Universe series Stargirl.

Diamond Comic Distributors announced its plans to resume business in May after coronavirus shut them down.

Here’s the official announcement for X-Force joining Fornite, not long after Deadpool entered the game arena.

Warner Bros. has reportedly reached a stalemate with Lucifer star Tom Ellis over his contract for a sixth season.

— JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) April 9, 2020

Marvel’s Joe Quesada shared an old sketch he made featuring Captain America taking on The Dark Knight.

Moon Knight is now slated to start production in November after being delayed by the coronavirus shutdown.

Concept artist John Staub shared Avengers: Infinity War concept art of astral Dr. Strange with Iron Man.

Kelly Sue DeConnick is auctioning a Captain Marvel-themed cast and crew jacket, to benefit #Creators4Comics.

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