Survivor Recap: Secret Agent Man

Last week on Survivor, the castaways’ families flew to Fiji to give the players a serious case of the happysads, but this week, the war is back on! Brimming with the magical power of familial love, nine newly re-energized players are still in the running toward snagging that $2 million check. Having sent Edge-returnee Tyson back to Extinction, the stakes have never been higher as the target on everyone’s back grows larger by the minute.

We pick up with Jeremy at camp, having successfully used his Safety Without Power advantage at the last tribal. “I am losing my mind waiting to see who’s coming back,” he says. Ben confirms that Jeremy was his alliance’s target, so Jeremy’s spider sense was right on the money. Jeremy tells us that Tyson was his meat shield, and without the Blood vs. Water winner around, Jeremy’s road to the finish just got a whole lot rockier.

Tony, having fixed the error of his ways from Game Changers, tells us that he hasn’t looked for idols yet. But since an idol was played, the Cagayan champ knows another is out there and he’s on the prowl… only he’s caught red-handed by Nick. He sends Nick to the water well to look and continues his search, finding the idol hidden behind a rock. Tony Vlachos with a hidden immunity idol? He just became dangerous.

The next morning, Sarah starts her own clothing line with fabrics and paint laying around camp. As she preps a faux-runway, Tony leaves camp, causing Sarah to comment on how poor his social game is. The rest of the castaways strut their stuff, having a bit of fun, while Tony tells us his target is still Jeremy. “What I have to do is pretend I’m on a side that I’m really not… I’m undercover so I can keep infiltrated in a group I actually want out,” he says. Jeremy takes the bait, calling Tony “extremely believable.” Kim is on to Tony though. She tells Denise that she thinks Tony is playing double agent. Knowing how hard Tony is gaming, Kim now feels that Tony is her biggest threat.

THE EDGE | Meanwhile, Natalie finds a clue hidden inside a bottle and since Parvati is nearby, the ladies team up. They figure out that the clue points to under the shelter. Once the group heads off to watch the sunset, Parvati distracts them long enough for Natalie to find the advantage. It’s an Extortion advantage which allows Nat to prevent a player from competing in immunity and voting in tribal… unless that player meets their financial (fire token) demands. That is huge!

BACK AT KORU | Tony is running out of the woods like a bat outta hell. He’s psyched, but has nooo idea what he’s in for. “The first word I read is ‘extortion,’ this is great!” (Keep reading, dude.) He continues: “This advantage is being played against you.” Natalie demands six (!) fire tokens, but he only has three. The pressure is on! He asks Michele for help, but she has zero tokens, having bought the 50/50. She lies to him, though, and tells him she bought an advantage for the Edge of Extinction challenge. Well played, Michele. She then goes to ask Jeremy for the scratch, and since he wants Tony to keep trusting him, Jeremy ponies up one token. Nick then offers his help, as does Ben, giving Tony the six he needs. Impressive!

IMMUNITY IS NOW UP FOR GRABS | The players must balance on a beam while trying to balance a statue with a long pole. Kim is the first out; when Round 2 starts, Denise, Michele and Sarah drop almost immediately. Nick and Sophie fall out, leaving Tony, Ben and Jeremy hanging tough. Tony wins, giving him his second individual immunity win, plus two more fire tokens (which he promised to pay back to his crew, but still). Listen, I’m going to say it: If Tony ekes out a win this season, you can immediately toss him up on the Survivor Mount Rushmore. He’s got a lot of work to do and quite possibly the largest target of them all, but man, what a run he’s having!

STRATEGY SESH’ | Kim knows Tony is playing Jeremy, but she’s not in good enough place to do anything about it. Kim, Ben and Sarah talk about voting out Jeremy, but placing votes on Michele, too. Denise and Kim talk to Jeremy about voting Ben out, but the women are actually in cahoots to betray the Second Chances victor. Tony lays down a third option: He wants Sophie out. He gets Nick on board, and then tells Jeremy that everyone is planning on cutting him. At this point, Jeremy has no idea what’s going on, and frankly, it’s all one big shrug emoji.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | With the slew of advantages floating around, everyone is on edge (which is better than being on The Edge, am I right?). The subject of big moves comes up, but Nick says those can make you a big target… if they don’t backfire. Sophie talks about the juxtaposition of needing to build your resume, but not wanting to be so obvious about it, like you’re ticking off boxes. Sarah then calls the game “mass psychological warfare,” and I can’t think of a better way to explain this season. It’s time to vote and Jeff’s got some tallying to do. The result: Sophie is voted out with four votes, and exits the game with an idol in her pocket. Soph then leaves Kim and Sarah one fire token each.

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