Susanna Reid horrified and can’t look as GMB show her first TV appearance from 20 years ago – The Sun

SUSANNA Reid appeared horrified as her first TV appearance from 20 years ago was shown on Good Morning Britain today.

The clip showed the 49-year-old presenter from the year 2000 when she was in her 20s with short hair.

It was a far cry from the thrilling debates she now has with ITV co-host Piers Morgan, with the star heard straightforwardly recounting the news.

Andi Peters presented the clip to Susanna, who appeared embarrassed as she covered her face throughout the segment.

Piers sarcastically commented: "The chilling ambition in those eyes. I'm going places and nobody is going to stop me."

Susanna exclaimed: "I don't think that's the first thing that strikes you, it's the hair!"

Her co-host added: "The hair looked rather good."

The mum-of-two then went on to compare her short locks to a "Playmobil wig."

It certainly isn't the first time Susanna has graced TV screens.

The GMB presenter enjoyed a brief spell as an actress in her teens, starring in a 1985 episode of The Price as Dame Harriet Walter's on-screen daughter.

The performance saw Susanna's character crying and gasping as she was carried into a house covered with a sheet.

It was because she was being kidnapped by actor Adrian Dunbar's character in the eighties mini-series.

Susanna has previously spoken about her career as a child actress, saying: "I did an Agatha Christie on stage with Shirley Anne Fields and then after that I got a role playing Dame Harriet Water's daughter in a TV series called The Price where I was kidnapped by Adrian Dunbar and Derek Thompson.

"Adrian Thompson now plays the good guy in Line of Duty. He's the head of AC-12, he's like everyone's hero!"


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