Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shows off preteen daughter Aubree's new purple hair

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska showed off preteen daughter Aubree's new purple hair and fresh cut in her Instagram stories.

The 16 and Pregnant alum revealed Aubree's new wavy locks and purple tint to her six million followers.

Chelsea captioned the photo: "Summer break calls for a chop and purple hair for Aubree".

The former aesthetician and her daughter have had numerous adventures together recently including a family fishing trip that did not go exactly as planned.

Chelsea documented the eventful outing on social media detailing the many mishaps that occurred during the getaway.

The MTV star listed everything that had gone wrong in the caption: from dealing with "poop" to "zero fish" getting caught. 

The TV personality shared snapshots of her adorable kids smiling as they played near the water. 

In one of the snapshots, Layne, two, had a huge grin on her face while holding a worm in her hand. 

In the next snap, Aubree showed Watson, four, and Layne how to use the fishing pole.  

Despite the disadvantages, the former Teen Mom 2 star admitted that her family "still managed to have the best time."

Overall, the 29-year-old felt she had "made some pretty great memories." 

Chelsea shares her daughter Aubree with ex Adam Lind.

The Aubree Says co-founder is also mom to Watson, Layne, and baby Walker, three months, whom she shares with her husband Cole DeBoer, 33.

The family of six have been spending lots of quality time together since the couple decided to leave the show behind as their children grew older and pursued other career ventures.

Chelsea recently hopped on Instagram to gush about her "cute family" with a series of adorable photos.

The reality star posted a picture of her eldest daughter holding pretty yellow flowers up to the camera.

In a second shot, the TV star and her husband gathered around their two middle children, Watson, four, and Layne, two, as they potted some plants.

A final image showed the tots helping their dad with yard work, as Chelsea captioned the post: "LOOK AT MY CUTE FAMILYYY."

Fans were clearly smitten with the display, as they raced to the comments to compliment the family.

"CHELSEA AND COLE SPINOFF PLEASE," one wrote enthusiastically, as 45 people liked the comment in agreement.

"Yes, I agree. Homestead edition," another added, while a third shouted: "HOLY CRAP YES!"

"Just watched the season premiere of teen mom 2….it'll never be the same without you but I am so happy that you made the decision that was best for you and your beautiful family," another gushed.

In November of 2020 Chelsea and her husband revealed that they would be leaving Teen Mom after a decade on the program.

Earlier this month, the mom of four opened up further about her decision, as she credited her daughter Aubree as the motive.

The Teen Mom alum admitted feeling "worried" about the effects the show would have on her daughter long term and felt it was time for them to move on to the next phase of their lives.

In a conversation with E! News, Chelsea explained that the decision to leave was a "build-up" of a feeling "in her heart" that she couldn't bypass.

"It just didn't feel like I was supposed to be on that show anymore," she explained, before opening up about "conversations" she had with the pre-teen.

"There were conversations that Aubree and I were having from time to time. There came a point where I was just worried because I don't want her to ever be like she can't tell me things because it's going to be aired to millions of people.

"When she was little, the stuff that was going on with her dad, it was from my point of view, and as she got older, it started coming from her.

"I think that deserves to be private for her. That was ultimately what kind of pushed me to decide to step away and leave that chapter of life," she confessed.

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