Teen Mom fans slam Ashley Jones' baby daddy Bar after she 'praises' him despite his recent arrest

TEEN Mom 2 fans slammed Ashley Jones’ baby daddy Bar Smith after she "praised" him.

The moment aired during Tuesday’s episode of the MTV show, which was filmed before his most recent arrest.

However, the 24-year-old insisted that Bar has changed during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.

During a confessional, Ashley said: “I feel confident that my parents feel confident he’s changed because my mom is a straight shooter and she would definitely be telling me like, ‘Girl, don’t accept that ring from him.”

Bar later sat down with Ashley’s step-father Ted, who asked if the couple was “ready” to tie the knot.

He responded: “I do 100 percent believe I’m ready. We had our fair share of issues.”

Ted admitted he used to think of Bar as a “human f**k-up,” adding: “That put a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.”

Ashley step-father added: “Me and Tea was talking about how you got yourself together and stuff. You fell a** backwards into a good woman.

“The bottom line is simply this. Take care of her, man. Take care of tiny. Take care of yourself.

“Cause if you can’t get yourself together, you no good to nobody else.”

He concluded: “We’re gonna pass her onto you, man. With our blessing.”

Ashley later praised Bar, as she said in a confessional:  “I think that in the last year or so, Bar has changed tremendously.

"As soon as he stopped drinking, he started flourishing and he started doing all these wonderful and positive things with his life.

"I’m proud of him because it’s not easy. I want the best for him because a win for him is a win for Holly and that’s the bottom line of all of this.”

While Ashley and her parents spoke highly of Bar, fans took to Twitter to slam the baby daddy in light of his recent arrest.

One person wrote: "Ashley's proud of Bar tonight, but I read he was arrested last month for 'willful discharge of a firearm.' The boy had a rough upbringing and it shows. Do better Bar…for your future, for your daughter. Don't end up like your brother."

Others slammed his appearance, as one person wrote: "Bar looks dirty to me! There, I said it! Just looks like showering is not a priority!"

Another said they are "over Bar and Ashley," writing: "ASHLEY GO BACK TO 600BREEZY, START DATING HIM ON THE SHOW AND BE ANOTHER ONE OF HIS BMS. I wanna see some mess/drama."

Ashley and Bar are the parents to three-year-old daughter Holly.

The on-and-off-again couple have been engaged since November of last year.

Back in May, Bar was arrested and taken into custody.

According to a police report shared by the Instagram account TeenMom.Tea, the MTV star was arrested for the "willful discharge of firearm in negligent manner."

He was held at Merced County Sheriff's Main Jail, while his bond was set at $25,000.

The Sun confirmed his arrest, which was when Bar had already been released from jail.

Despite appearing to be in a good place in their relationship, the couple have had a tumultuous relationship over the years.

Earlier this month, the MTV star opened up about her past struggles with Bar on Coffee Convos with Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley.

Ashley told Kailyn, 29: "You know what, people don't understand Bar and I but Bar and I have been homeless together – we've been through so much together that we are just trying to make it f**king work.

"We both grew up without biological fathers, so that's why – even though we go through so much crazy s**t – we push to give our daughter something better."

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