Teen Mom Jenelle Evans defies haters who accused her of ‘charity scam’ and donates Cameo proceeds to coronavirus relief – The Sun

FORMER Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans defied her haters who accused her of "scamming" a charity by donating the proceeds from her Cameo videos.

The reality television star exclusively revealed to The Sun that she donated the proceeds to No Kid Hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jenelle, 28, exclusively confirmed that she has raised a total of $281.25 dollars from her Cameo videos.

The mother-of-three decided to add to it and ended up donating a total of $350.00 dollars to No Kid Hungry.

On Tuesday, Jenelle, 28, posted a video on her Twitter account stating that she is raising money to donate to No Kid Hungry Foundation.

Jenelle claimed: "Hey you guys, so I am going to be on Cameo all day today, all day tomorrow…and if you book me, all the money is going to go to No Kid Hungry Foundation.

"So let's see how much money we can raise."

The Sun exclusively spoke to Jenelle regarding the "ridiculous" claims made by followers and accusing her of "fraud."

"When that money gets transferred to my bank account, then I can donate to the No Kid Hungry Foundation.

"It takes a few days for Cameo to send the money.

"I just completed the video requests yesterday."

After Jenelle made the announcement, followers started to question her.

After she shared her video, fans questioned Jenelle's claims.

One Twitter follower wrote: "After that 100% goes in your pocket since @TeenMom canned you because of David right?"

Another fan wrote: "Lies."

A follower said: "I don't believe you at all.. The charity will never see any money from you, I think."

In addition to her Cameo videos, Jenelle has also offered fans to send her direct messages for $10 dollars.

Jenelle told followers: "You can now DM me on Cameo if you download the app!" and told users to "swipe up" to go to the site.

She added a screenshot of her Cameo profile, in which she charges $75 for a video message or $9.99 for a direct message.

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