'Temptation Island': Morgan Lolar Explains Why the Singles Feel Disrespected When Couples Avoid Them

At the beginning of Temptation Island season 3, Tom Gipson told everyone he intended on leaving with his girlfriend and became annoyed with a single who claimed he came there to find his “match.” Season 1 single Morgan Lolar noted she understood the frustration and explained why the singles feel disrespected when couples don’t want to get to know them.

What is the premise of ‘Temptation Island?’

The rebooted dating series centers around four couples who have reached a crossroads in their relationship and are interested in exploring other options.

The pairs split up shortly after arriving on the island and must live in villas with several single members of the opposite sex who are looking for love. In the house, those who came in with a relationship mingle with the singles and choose one for a date to explore their connection further.

Every week, their significant others attend a bonfire where they watch a clip of their partner usually speaking negatively about their relationship or hooking up with a single.

By the end of the month, the couples reconvene at a final bonfire and decide if they want to leave together, separate, or with someone they met on the island.

Morgan Lolar found love during season 1

Virginia-based real estate agent Morgan Lolar appeared as a single for the first season of Temptation Island. Even though she and Evan Smith started on the wrong foot, they eventually fell for each other.

Smith felt so strongly about their relationship when he ended things with his girlfriend of five years in one of the most dramatic and unforgettable bonfires and left with Lolar.

Six months later, he proposed to her. However, they broke up in Jan. 2020, when she claims he ditched her to move to California. Although she also relocated to LA, the couple hasn’t reunited as she publicly accused him of being a master manipulator.

A year after they broke up, the third season of Temptation Island premiered. While a few couples have already submerged themselves in the experience, some aren’t ready to open themselves up as they’re more focused on their current relationship.

Lolar explains why singles feel disrespected by the couples’ rejection

Single Evan McFadden asked Kristen Ramos to chat privately, but she turned him down, noting she didn’t want to speak at the time. The rejection annoyed McFadden, and they went back-and-forth until he left and called her a “b***h.”

Additionally, Tom Gipson irritated Maya Morsi when he explained he intended on leaving the island with his girlfriend. Following the episode, Lolar posted a video on her Instagram Story siding with the singles, noting the couples shouldn’t sign up for the show if they weren’t interested in finding someone else.

According to the Virginia native, the producers tell the singles the couples were in “tumultuous relationships” and wanted to use the experience to see if they should move on. Therefore, the singles feel disrespected when those in relationships treat them as “objects” to “tempt” them.

Lolar continued, explaining it’s confusing for them because they are led to believe the couples have split up for the experiment. As a result, when the singles are avoided, they feel disrespected as they’re there to find love and not break up a happy home. Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9 Central on USA Network.

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